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10 Advantages of iPill Every Woman Must Know About


Accidents in intimate life can strike any couple. However, with the help of emergency contraceptive pills such as i-pill, one can gain an upper hand on the situation. Unfortunately, not many are aware about the advantages emergency contraceptive pills have to offer. Here we share with you 10 advantages of i-pill so that you can always have a back-up ready in cases of unforeseen mishaps.

1) It is available at all local pharmacies:

i-pill or any other emergency contraceptive pill are made available over-the-counter at all pharmacy shops. Therefore, next time when you are in need of an ipill just visit your local pharmacy and ask for the pill.

 2) ECP’s do not require prescription:

One of the biggest advantages of buying i-pill is that it does not require a prescription from a doctor. Without the need for a prescription, women do not lose precious time during an emergency.

3) It can save many lives:

Annually, India sees approximately 11 million abortions, out of which a shocking number of abortions are performed under precarious conditions risking life of the woman. Hence, ECP is a simple solution to save precious lives that are lost due to abortion related complications.

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4) It can prevent conception successfully:

When consumed as per the given instructions and within 72 hours from accidental unprotected intercourse, ipillcan help to prevent an unintended pregnancy. However, care must be taken that it is consumed on time.

5) It is safe for almost all women

As per a study published in the journal Contraception1,levonorgestrel-only tablets such as i-pill is relatively safe for most women and chances of serious adverse events are rare.

6) It can be consumed by lactating mothers

A research study, published in Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine2, found that most ECP,such as i-pill,is safe for lactating mothers and adverse events in infants is rare.

7) It does not affect your fertility

Since i-pill is a synthetic form of hormone progesterone, if used only in times of emergency and as directed on the pack, it may not have any negative effects on fertility and future pregnancies.

8) It is a safe form of emergency contraception

Contrary to popular myths, ipill is a safe form of emergency contraception when consumed with caution, that is, only in the event of an accidental unprotected intercourse.

9) It does not cause abortion or fetal deformities

There are no clinical evidences that suggest emergency contraceptive pills such as iPill can cause abortion or fetal deformities if the woman consumes it post conception.

10) It helps you to maintain the priorities of your life.

Now you need not live in fear of an unintended pregnancy post accidental unprotected intercourse or a contraception accident. I-pill stands as a backup form of contraception thus preventing untimely conception leaving the priorities of your life undisturbed.

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