4D Ultrasound Scans Vs 3D Ultrasound Scans

What Are 3D and 4D Ultrasound Scans?

While 2D ultrasound scans are still the norm, increasing numbers of parents are opting for 3D ultrasound scans or 4D ultrasound scans of their unborn baby.

This type of baby scan is often preferred by expectant parents as it gives a clearer and more detailed view of their infant in the womb, giving a three dimensional image of their little one. Mums and Dads who want to take a peek in utero delight in seeing this lifelike representation of their little one before birth.

While traditional 2D ultrasound scans see straight through the baby in the womb, detailing the internal organs and bone structure of the foetus, the 3D and 4D baby scan shows an image that is more like a photograph, with all of the baby’s skin and facial features clearly visible. Parents can take a peek at who their baby most looks like and can see amazing detail such as their infant yawning or sucking their thumb.

What Are the Similarities Between Both Types of Baby Scan?

Both 3D and 4D scans are very safe for mother and baby, and not only can having this type of scan be very reassuring for the parents but it can also be a moving and memorable experience. Both types of scan are performed in the same way, by applying a special gel to the abdomen and using a transducer to obtain an image. Usually, these types of scans must be paid for privately, except in cases where the hospital needs to look more closely at a known abnormality.

What Are the Differences Between 3D and 4D Scans?

While both 3D ultrasound scans and 4D ultrasound scans show three dimensional detail, there is a difference between the two. 3D ultrasound scans result in a colour three dimensional still photograph of the baby in the womb, while the 4D ultrasound scan results in a DVD recording which is presented to the parents following the procedure.

For best results, a 4D scan should be carried out between 23 and 25 weeks of pregnancy, as at this stage the foetus is still small enough to be entirely captured in a single frame. A 3D scan, on the other hand, can be carried out at any point between 23 and 30 weeks, with 28 weeks being the optimal time for obtaining the highest quality image.

Although the three dimensional stills are a wonderful keepsake of the pregnancy, many parents prefer the lasting visual reminder that the DVD can provide, as it captures the movements of their little one while in the womb.

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