A Beginner’s Guide to Chest Workouts for Mass

If you wish to build up your chest you need to know exactly how your chest is and what are the muscles which are in it so you can go ahead and make it function properly. A chest is mostly made up of two muscles which include the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis minor stays underneath the the pectoralis major. There are three different chest muscle functions which include the side arm pitching motion, the movement of your arm from side to side and the arm wrestling motion. The most basic exercises which you can go for to build your chest are bench presses and flyes.


Pointers regarding building your chest

The chest needs to be thought of as three different parts which is made up of one single muscle. When you go about the training of your chest the training needs to be broken into three parts as well which will include the training for the upper, middle and lower portions of the chest. When you go for the upper chest training it is best to stimulate it on a 30% to 40% incline bench. Few exercises which work perfectly for your upper chest are incline barbell and dumbbell bench press or incline dumbbell flyes. The middle chest needs to be stimulated with exercises which are done one a flat bench. Flat barbell and dumbbell bench press or flat dumbbell flyes are the exercises which you need to go for to get great middle chest results. The lower chest can be stimulated when you do exercises on a 30-45% decline bench. Decline barbell and dumbbell bench press or decline dumbbell flyes are all very effective and great lower chest exercises.

Here are a few basic plans for training your chest.

First goal should be to build the overall chest mass

You need to begin your workout with heavy movements of your multi joints and then be sure to hit the muscles from a variety of angles. You will need to incorporate a high amount of overall volume in terms of the no of exercises, sets etc.

Second goal should be to build greater chest definition

Simply hammering light weights will not help you lean out. Use the approach that will help you boost calories burned after your workout is over. Workout routine should combine multijoint exercises, reduced rest periods, and high volume to burn off the soft stuff.

Start out right

As beginner you will need to learn movement patterns and repeat them until they become a part of daily routine. Workout largely machine based as it allows for a more controlled introduction to weight training.

Give emphasis to upper chest

This workout hits the incline bench movement not once, but twice. The manner in which you work it changes as the angle of the incline bench for barbells is much steeper than the low incline with dumbbells. In this process your upper pecs get a slightly different spur.

Give emphasis to your lower chest

Work out here is quite similar to the upper-chest-focused routine. You will need to do greater number of movements targeting and giving emphasis to your lower chest region from changed decline angles. You will need to end it with powerful pec-pumping supersets, multi joint dips etc. Practice it to feel it!

Pre-exhaust the chest

If you realise your triceps are especially sore after a hard chest workout, is might be so that you are working harder than your pecs. One answer is to try and minimize their involvement by following a pre-exhaust workout.

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