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A Brief Know-How to Common types of Mental Disorders


Most of the people believe that mental disorders are very rare. Contrary to the belief, mental disorders are quite common and widespread. It is estimated in the USA alone, more than 50 million of people suffer from some kind of mental illness or disorder. Mental illness if treated can get cured but most of the people do not admit that they have some kind of problem and delay the treatment. This makes the condition of even worse.

The mental illness is a situation that causes mild to severe disturbances thought, behavior and reduced capability to carry out the normal tasks and routines. Experts classify that there are more than two hundred forms of medical illness. A child of five years to a person who has retired from the professional life, any one can become the victim of mental illness.

In every situation, the patient needs to be taken to the renowned doctor or medical practitioner, who specializes in treating mental disorders. Dr. Jonathan Lauter of New York is one of the most eminent doctors who can accurately diagnose and treat the patients and ensure that they get rid of this condition.


Though there are various types of mental illness, the most common forms of disorders are as follows:

  • Anxiety Disorder: People who suffer from anxiety disorder respond to some specific situations with fear. They show increased signs of anxiety and panic with increased heartbeat and sweating. This anxiety disorder may worsen if they are not addressed in the appropriate situation.
  • Mood Disorder: Also known as affective disorders, people suffering from mood disorders always show persistent feelings of sadness and depression. They also exhibit sudden mood fluctuations. When not treated, it can develop into severe depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Psychotic Disorder: This type of disorder involves baseless and distorted awareness and thinking. Hallucinations and delusions are most common symptoms of this illness. The patients experience weird images and sounds and accept them to be true. The most common type of psychotic disorder is schizophrenia.
  • OCD: The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is another common mental illness where the person constantly performs the same function again and again out of fear, obsession or own thoughts. For example, the unreasonable fear of germs make the person wash their hands repeatedly.
  • Dissociative Disorder: These people suffer severe changes or disturbances in the memory, identity or their own consciousness. Associated with stress and anxiety for a prolonged period, patients lose their general awareness and behaves completely different. One of the most common forms of Dissociative Disorder is split personality.

These five forms of mental illness are the most common forms of disorders. Other than the above mentioned mental disorders, a person can suffer from other forms of mental problems. Irrespective of the problem, every patient should be taken to an worthy doctor by their family since the first symptoms are exhibited.

In the state of New York, Dr. Jonathan Lauter is one of the most able and competent medical expert who treat these mental disorders with success. He has more than twenty years of experience in which he had cured countless people and gave them a chance to live a normal life again.

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