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A Guide to Have Maximum Benefits of Dianabol Steroid

Dianabol, a popular name in the spectrum of anabolic oral steroids, has benefited millions of body builders, weightlifters, boxers and athletics in multiple ways. The most prominent feature is its ability to enhance your muscle power. It has been a perfect aid to build muscle mass for few decades.

Beginners use the steroid for 3 to 6 weeks continuously and then do PCT to gain the full benefits of using the wonderful steroid. Season users of the drug continue it till 8 weeks before switching to do Post cycling therapy. Many steroid users like to stack Dianabol with other powerful anabolic steroid to gain muscle mass in faster way.

The most likely steroid, which works wonder with its dosage, is Winstrol. The combination helps in shedding undesired fat and gaining muscle strength in safe and quicker way.

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Few notes to use it in fruitful ways:

For the first few weeks, you need to take only 20mg to 30mg of Dianabol dosage a day, than start taking other anabolic steroid dosage in equal proportions. Users even take 500mg of testosterone along with Dianabol. It will be beneficial to take 250mg of Enanthate. People taking Dianabol steroid need to take protein rich diet to have extreme muscle in few weeks.

You can start feeling muscle strength in a month of using the steroid. To experience its benefits permanently, you need to take proper diet food and have to continue doing exercises daily.

Research shows that the steroid is mainly used by men, when compared to women users. The main cause behind it is that Dianabol has the ability to give masculine features like hair growth all over the body and hoarse voice.

Dianabol is one of the potent oral steroids and hence, women like to have dosages of milder steroids. Women users of Dianabol along with the in-take of rich diet need to take hormone balancing supplement, as testosterone level is surely going to get increased.


Taking more calories and proteins is quite necessary while using anabolic steroids. It helps in gaining faster results. Normally for men, the calorie amount should be approximately 3,000 to 4,000 calories per day. Women users can have lesser amount of calories than their opposite gender. Along with proteins intake, you will need carbohydrates to maintain your gained muscle mass.

Before purchasing the steroid from any reputable sellers, make sure that you have all information about the ways to use it. To have huge gains in dry muscle and strength, Dianabol proves to be the best steroid.

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