Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths in Illinois Increased in 2015

It is an unfortunate fact that few individuals across the nation view alcohol as the dangerous drug substance it is.  However, considering that drugs are commonly defined as those substances that produce physiological changes in the user’s body, it’s clear to see that alcohol is most certainly a drug substance.  Because alcohol is both a legal and socially acceptable drug substance, it is commonly accepted as a perfectly safe substance for individuals to consume on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, the truth is that high amounts of alcohol consumption either at one time or over a period of time can seriously affect an individual’s health. This is why if ever alcohol consumption gets out of hand, the individual can be referred to a drug rehabilitation Chicago or even the drug rehab Illinois. Once the individual gets referred to a drug rehab in Chicago they will no longer be over consuming any drug substance to endanger their health.

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The Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant drug substance that impairs an individual’s ability to think, act, act and react properly.  As alcohol is a drug substance, regular consumption can lead to dependence and addiction problems that trap an individual in further alcohol use indefinitely.  When an individual no longer has control over their alcohol consumption habits, they can find that they are compulsively driven to continue consuming alcohol despite the many damaging effects it has on their health and life.

In addition to the fact that alcohol consumption can lead to immediate effects like slurred speech, delayed reaction times and impaired coordination and judgement, it can also cause long-term damaging effects.  Alcohol slows the functioning of the human brain, interfering with normal communication pathways.  This can cause dramatic and sudden changes in the individual’s mood and behavior, and make it difficult for them to think clearly and move with good coordination.  Alcohol consumption can also damage the heart, leading to a stretching and drooping of the heart muscle, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and stroke.  Because the human liver is not actually designed to metabolize alcohol, regular alcohol consumption can lead to conditions like fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis.  In the pancreas, alcohol causes the production of toxic substances that can lead to the development of pancreatitis, which is a dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels that impedes proper digestion.  High levels of alcohol consumption can also weaken the immune system and lead to the development of mouth, esophagus, throat, liver or breast cancer.

Perhaps even more alarming than the many damaging effects that regular and heavy alcohol consumption can have on the user’s body is the many damaging effects it can have on others around them–including innocent drivers, passengers and passersby.

Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths in Illinois

Alcohol is one of the leading causes for traffic accidents across the nation, along with speeding, reckless driving, mobile phone use, distracted driving, driver fatigue, rubber-necking, defective automobiles, defects on roadway construction, poor weather conditions and improper cordoning of construction zones.  An alcohol-impaired driver is less able to respond to varying conditions on the road or react to changes around them, which means that they are constantly endangering their own, their passengers’ and others’ lives while behind the wheel.

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According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, approximately one thousand people lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2015.  This is a nine percent increase of the nine hundred twenty-four people who lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2014.  Transportation officials have suggested that many of these deaths were preventable where alcohol was involved.  Many individuals who consume alcohol on a regular basis are under the impression that they can still drive safely, but the fact is that they are unable to respond and react in a normal fashion–which can very well mean the difference between life or death for self or someone else. Once again if the individual consumes alcohol on the daily, and thinks they can drive while consuming it, then you need to get them help and refer them to the drug rehab Chicago Illinois.



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