All about Cissus

Cissus Quadrangularis is a plant that is usually found in Africa and some other countries in the continent Asia which might include Sri Lanka, India and also Thailand. This has been widely used in Ayurveda from the traditional period of time. This is also named as ‘Bone Setter’ because of its traditional usage for the treatment of bones. There are many benefits that are shown for Cissus supplements.


  • This works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. This has the ability for the treatment of many ailment and diseases.
  • This helps in the treatment of high blood pressure and acts as a solution for the symptoms of the metabolic syndrome.
  • This works for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.
  • Obesity can be solved to a certain extent.
  • Diabetes of the type ii form can be treated with this.
  • Helps in the prevention of the bones that are weak and had got fractured.
  • This is used in treatment of the ulcer and scurvy disease.
  • This acts as a solution for the various menstrual problems that occur in women.
  • Prevents the difficulties that are caused by different kinds of allergies and asthma problems.


  • This occurs as a solution for the various cardio vascular problems. This happens due to the phyto nutrients that work actively.
  • Rate of death occurred has also reduced to a certain limit.
  • This prevents the formation of the cancer cells and its progress. In this way this works as an anti cancer agent.
  • Cissus helps in the regulating the weight of an individual. This helps in making the digestive system in a regular manner thereby reducing the waste parts and the food are maintained effectively thereby making the weight in a controlled manner.
  • Cissus reduces the risk of many diseases that are related to heart.
  • Cissus contains certain phyto chemicals that cause vaso relaxation. At this time the flow of blood gets equally distributed among the whole body without causing any increase in the blood pressure level. This flow of blood in a regular manner throughout the body leads to the distribution of the nutrients to all parts and makes the person healthy and relief from many kinds of diseases.
  • Cissus is also present with certain type of ketosteroids. These ketosteroids then work as antioxidants.
  • After having the supplementation this helps in having a deep sleep and hence produce sedation.
  • Obesity is a problem that most of the people are experiencing nowadays. This can be reduced to a certain extent with Cissus.

It is found that this supplement is having fewer side effects when compared to that of other supplements. Intake of these supplements with some other medicines is not safe to have. Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of this supplement to avoid further complications. It is always better that we consult with the medical practitioner before having the medicine. Read more about Cissus  in this review.

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