An effort to minimize the cases of cancer from

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and the fact that it can catch you in so many ways makes it so very deadly. Most of the people in the present times are not that aware about the various types of cancers and their effect on the life. But the social welfare organizations like the Cancer Doesn’t Care has helped a great deal in the research work and making people aware of the various facets of this disease.

You can have a visit onto the webpage of the organization to know more about their dedication in this field. They conduct various awareness weeks to help you to be more careful about your health and the main motive behind all this is to make a person believe that there is someone who cares about them in the most difficult phase of their life. Here are some of the highlights about their mission and the programs that are been conducted by them:


  • In the last month, they celebrated a testicular awareness week between 10-16th of April, the motive behind which was to improve the knowledge of the people on this problem which can help to reduce the number of cases.
  • Similarly, cancer control month was also celebrated during the entire month of April in order to minimize the cases of cancer. The organization is leaving no stone unturned with public meetings, door to door awareness programs and cultural programs to help people in preventing the cancer.
  • Similarly, the month of May is dedicated to Skin Cancer Awareness month with a view to negate the number of cases of skin cancer. The volunteers from the organization carry out various programs on this issue in various localities that has helped people to a great deal in understanding about the causes and methods of prevention to help themselves.

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