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Baby Grooming Products That Are Not Worth a Miss

Welcoming the new member in the family comes with lots of shopping among other preparations. The list of baby essentials is made with the utmost care. You need to have a complete entourage of baby grooming products right from powder to paper napkins, from cradle to stroller to make her as comfortable as possible. Here are some baby grooming products Malaysia that are certainly not worth a miss, but may slip off your check-list due to not considering them so important.

Never Give These A Miss!!

  1. Cotton balls

Cotton balls, really? A baby in its earliest days is likely to poop a lot. Rubbing the butts with wipes or soft towel so often may cause rashes. But, cotton balls come as easy rescue for babies going through this.

  1. Moisturizer

You require keeping baby’s body soft and supple. The skin is undergoing lot of changes at the very start and thus, moisturizer can help you keep your baby’s skin aptly hydrated. Many people do not buy this and replace it with baby creams, which are all the more sticky and do not deliver better results.

baby shampoo

  1. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline

This is an essential product to carry along which though quite likely is given a miss. Many a times, baby body temperature is required to be taken rectally. So, smearing the thermometer with petroleum jelly will not hurt the baby in process.

  1. Bath liquid

Since baby soaps and baby shampoo is mostly on the top of the list, the bath liquid is considered a waste of money. But, having an alternative to these two conventional bathing essentials is important as you never know if these suit the angel or not.

  1. Baby nail clippers

Every body part of baby is considered adorable, but who can forget the scratch marks on and around nose caused by their nails? Nail clippers or scissors for baby, therefore is an essential-buy but quite often forgot. So, keep these on your shopping bucket-list without fail.

Visiting online shops like Wellborn Malaysia can help in getting the best quality and safest baby products, without missing on any of the essentials of baby grooming.

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