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Best Exercises to Reduce Chest Fat

Breasts are the gifted thing for women, not for the men, then why should man live with the boobs.  There are many cases reported around the world, in which the males got their chest developed like the females. They are not the real breast but the stretch of the chest is similar to the breast. It is due to the accumulation of fat cells under the skin around the chest area. It results in outgrown chest which looks like the breast.  Medically this condition is known as the pseudo gynecomastia. It is similar to the gynecomastia which is the result of excessive growth of the breast tissues in men. In gynecomastia, the breast tissues are grown under the skin and it can be treated by the process of excision. Many times a fluid is also released from the breast in men. In pseudo gynecomastia, only the fat gets deposited under the chest skin which can be treated by exercising or liposuction.


Effective exercises for reducing the chest fat

If you are suffering from pseudo gynecomastia and do not want to undertake surgical method for treatment then you can do regular exercise to reduce the fat from the chest. With intense exercise under the supervision of the expert fitness trainer, it is possible to reduce the chest fat.


Some popular exercises which are recommended by the experts for reducing the chest fat are:

  • Dumbbell pullover: This most recommended workout type which is helpful in getting rid of the excessive fat from the chest. Explosively pull the dumbbell over your chest.
  • Incline Barbell Bench Press: In this exercise, the barbell is moved in the explosive motion overyour chest. The bench is to be inclined at the 45 degrees so that you do not need some support to hold the barbell. It primarily focuses on the shaping of the chest.
  • Push Ups:  Push-ups tone the chest muscles as the pressure is applied on the chest tissues. In addition to the regular push-ups, you can keep your legs raised.
  • Smith Machine Incline Bench Press: the adjustable bench is placed under the smith machine and you have to lift up the barbell by keeping your hands in a wider position than your shoulder. It helps in stretching the chest muscles and reduces fat from the chest.
  • Incline Bench Dumbbell Press: In this exercise, you have to position yourself on the bench and hold the dumbbells. You have to pass the dumbbells from the spotter. Pass the dumbbell in such a way that pressure is felt on the upper portion of the chest. Inhale while taking the dumbbell upward and exhale when getting the dumbbell down.


Image / GIF Credit: GynexinWorld.com

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