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Can air pollution be one of the reasons behind hair fall?

Air and water pollution can really impact your health badly. People are aware about the side-effects of water pollution. But no one seems to have knowledge about how air pollution can prove to be harmful for other parts of body besides lung and heart.  Let’s take a look at how air pollution can impact your hair life in a negative way.

Air pollution and smoking can also make men go bald

These days, almost all hair health experts are aware that there is strong link between air pollution and hair loss among men. But this aspect was highlighted for the first time, back in 2008 when researchers from University of London (UoL) released details for their study that directly linked smoking, air pollution and other environmental factors with male pattern baldness.

Hair is made from certain proteins, and body’s mechanism keeps producing these proteins. According to study conducted by UoL, polluted air contains carcinogens and toxins that impact the mechanism responsible for creating proteins for hair. Thus, air pollution indirectly triggers hair loss.

Researchers also observed that air pollution and smoking trigger the effect of oxidative stress and disrupt the hair growth process.

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The concerned study was published in Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Balding men were requested to donate some of their hair follicles so that they can be studied.  This study helped a lot, as because of this data scientists have developed topical creams and other treatment designed to help individuals suffering from baldness. Such medication can easily help in treating air pollution’s impact on hair follicles.

Researcher Mike Philpott interacted with journalists and shared some interesting details about their findings back then. He pointed out that pollutants can easily enter individual’s hair follicle, skin and even blood stream. This hampers hair development.

Toxins and carcinogens trigger this trouble. So, you can actually reduce hair damage by living in an area that is less polluted. Even smoking can impact your hair, so, reducing hair damage can prove to be another good reason to stop yourself from smoking.

Hair transplant expert Nilofer Farjo recently interacted with journalists and shared similar opinion about hair loss caused due to air pollution. Nilofer was also a part of UoL’s research and suggests that scientists have developed treatment that can reduce the impact of air pollution on hair. Nilofer Farjo pointed out that genetics still remains that main reason behind hair loss in most cases.

Hair loss can start from as early as teenage or in age group 30 to 40 in most cases. Stats released by the British Association of Dermatologists indicate that 95 percent of hair loss cases (both men and women) are linked with androgenetic alopecia or hereditary hair loss.

Men suffer from male pattern baldness. In such cases, hairline’s hair starts thinning, while in women, the hair on, and nearby the crown area starts thinning.

Air pollution is just one of the many reasons behind the hair loss. If you wish to know all the other reasons, you should visit They also offer tips for sorting out issues related to blocked follicle.

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