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Central Auditory Processing Only Clinic On Staten Island

Auditory Processing Disorder, in recent years, has a dramatic upsurge of public awareness and thus popularly referred to as Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD). As the awareness about this disorder grew so does the misconception ad misinterpretation of the disorder, its symptoms and the foremost it’s treatment. As the name states, individuals often mistake it as a hearing problem, but hearing impairment may be normal for some. It is referred as CAPD as it’s a disorder pertaining to the damage of the Central Nervous system and thus is rare. Thus, the individual suffering with this disorder has difficulty communicating and delay in the instruction process, as it affects the brain process of spoken language.

As individuals became aware of this problem, so have the myths. Some say it’s a hearing problem; the evaluation of the child education can be used to diagnose CAPD, parents feel that the child needs an FM system in the classroom, children under 7 are not evaluated and much more. All of the above myths, stay as a myth and is not true.


Treatments Provided For The Individual Having A Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Though not many hospitals and clinics have the special equipment and the treatment for CAPD, but recently found that Audiology Island is the one and only clinic on Staten Island who offer a direct therapy approach with the people. Dr. Jack Katz has designed the Buffalo Model mainly to cure the children suffering from CAPD and has come out with tremendous results.

The central auditory processing staten island has many therapy programs such as Improvement in reading comprehension, Increase the participation in the class, a decrease in sensitivity to noise, improvement in concentration and ability to focus, improvements to follow the multistep instructions,

 Helps to boost the confidence levels in children,  more than 90 percent of the children treated with Central Auditory Processing Disorder have shown improvement mainly children who are 5 years and older. It is important to check and find the disorder at a young age as this will help and support them and prevent them from other disorders such as language and reading.

The major treatments of central auditory processing Staten Island are

  • Auditory Trainers: Where the teacher wears the microphone to send sound and the student have to wear a headset to receive the sound. This helps the child to concentrate and focus more and cut out other noises from the environment.
  • Environmental Modification: Change in the seating mainly in school, helps top improves the listening and adapt to change.
  • Exercises to improve language building skills: Activities which enable learning newwords and this helps to broaden the language skill.
  • Auditory memory Enhancement: A method which reduces or breaks down the number of details present in information, too few at a time.
  • Auditory integration training: This therapy promotes retraining the auditory system and helps to decrease the hearing distortion.

The therapies are done either in the presence of the parents or one to one discussions.


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