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If technologies are blessings for human, at the same time, these are also hollowing the minds. People are running behind getting success or competing other with no aim which is a disastrous situation. We are generally hearing suicide cases on almost daily basis. What can be reasons behind these suicides? The actual reason is mental illness or depression which is leading a person to end his life. No medicine can treat the patients suffering from mental disorders. One need to consult with the best psychotherapist/ psychiatrist in Delhi/ NCR.

Being a counsellor, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist is itself a challenging task as one need to acquire the knowledge to read the mind of the patients and to analyse his situation with past experience. Apart from the technical traits, the psychiatrist must possess the high level of patience and zeal of compassion while dealing with the schizophrenia patients. To provide top- notch psychotherapy services, a psychiatrist must have quality skills which are as under:


Analytical skills

It is not possible to provide right treatment without reading the mind and analysing the situation of the patients. To draw accurate inferences, a doctor or consultant must have analytical skills to understand the situation of mentally ill patients. Right information can be gathered through family members and friends

Interpersonal skills

Talk to the patients with open heart, behave like a normal human, a patient will be comfortable in the friendly atmosphere instead of a medical clinic. Speak with a smile, listen to the patient carefully, handle his cries & laughs with guts. Apart from the patients, the doctor must be willing to answer to friends and family members about the exact situation and treatments to be given to the patients.

Combination of therapy and medicines

Medicines play important roles to remove the blockages in nerve system or to circulate the blood flow. This is the one side treatment. To cure the patient mentally, the doctor must recommend some regular therapies like cognitive, psychodynamic etc as per the disease of the patients.

Trustworthy and confident

The psychotherapist must be confident about the skills, treatments, therapies etc which is to be provided to the patients. Being trustworthy will denote the rapport with the patient and patient must be willing to get treatments on the regular basis.

Observational and approachable

Psychiatrist much possesses the high level of observation skills through which he can analyse the patient’s circumstances through interaction with family members, body language, facial expressions, behaviours etc. The doctor must be capable of creating an atmosphere to invite more comfortable takings.

Listening skills

Being an active listener is the most priority as you will have to remember about the statements given by the patients. You will have to determine the silence words which are not revealed by the patients due to fear or hesitation.

Above all, being the doctor, one need to be a human to treat the patient as normal patients. If a therapist willing to work for the betterment of the patients rather just earning folk, he must have likings to provide a comfort level to the patient by welcoming him with smiley gratitude and counselling the mental patients in a friendly manner.

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