Common questions about hot tubs and spas answered

So, you have decided to buy a hot tub. In many ways, it will be the best purchase you ever make. This is because you will be able to throw fantastic garden or dinner parties, spend quality family time together, reconnect with loved ones, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. What better way is there to wow your family and friends in your garden? Begin your hot tub search online, you will find many hot tub sales especially out of season, where you can snap up a real bargain!

But before committing to such a big acquisition, you are first bound to have a few questions about owning your own hot tub or spa. Here then are some of the most common questions that people ask:


How often do you need to change the water?


Although this depends on how often you use your hot tub, most people recommend draining and refilling every 3-4 months. However, there are a number of ways you can extend the time between changes if you would like to conserve water and save money.


Where can you install a hot tub or spa?


Seeing as a hot tub or spa, with the weight of water and people in it can be rather heavy, you will need to find a location with a solid level base. It also helps to have a water supply and power source nearby too for easy connection.



How much does it cost to run a hot tub or spa?


Again, this is largely dependent on how often you use your hot tub or spa as well as the make and model in question. However, modern hot tubs and spas are extremely energy efficient, so should cost no more than £5 a week to run. This is roughly comparable to a large fridge freezer or similar home appliance.


What cleaning and maintenance is required?


To keep the water sanitised, you will need to add chemicals like bromine and chlorine according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You should also visually inspect the water regularly, make sure the cover is in a good condition to prevent heat loss and be certain that the filters are working correctly. Clogged filters will reduce the overall efficiency of your tub so it is a good idea to clean or replace them from time to time.


How hot do hot tubs and spas get?


Hot tubs and spas can go up to 42C in the winter, but anything over this temperature is not recommended. Most owners will have their hot tub or spa set at 37C during the warm summer months, which is about body temperature. It is very easy to set the temperature that you require yourself, using the electronic controls provided with the tubs control system.


Can children use a hot tub or spa?


Although toddlers should not be allowed to use a hot tub or spa, children aged 5 and over can have fun splashing around in the water under adult supervision. Even so, they should always keep their head above water, as youngsters are more susceptible to bacteria. Always make sure that the tub is attended and supervised by an adult, whenever youngsters are in it, for their safety!


What are some of the health benefits?


Along with helping you to relax and unwind, hot tubs and spas have been known to ease muscle soreness, soothe chronic pain, relieve injury swelling, increase blood flow, help with arthritis, and improve sleep. On top of this, they seem to endear a feeling of fun and frivolity too, helping to cheer everyone up whatever the weather!


What sort of features should you look for?


A variety of jets can provide you with a hydro-massage, swim spas give you the opportunity to enjoy aerobic exercise, while wireless TV and sound systems are available for the ultimate in entertainment. Indeed, there are many extras available than can make for major family fun with ownership!


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