Complications which are Associated with Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian Double Eyelid

A double eyelid surgery is commonly known as Asian Double Eyelid due to the fact that the highestpercentages of people who take this procedure are Asian. Nearly 50 per cent of Asians have fold and crease right above the eyelashes and Asian Double Eyelid surgery helps to create a symmetricalcrease in the eyelids of those who do not have one or those whose crease is indistinct or asymmetric. When performed properly and after it is healed, the patient gets a crease that runs parallel to the origin of the eyelashes. This procedure also makes the eye appear less tired, more open and makes it easy to apply eye shadow.

How the Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Works

The main goal of this of Asian double eyelid surgery is not to improve the appearance of the eyes making them more youthful and beautiful but to accentuate the eyes by giving them a natural looking fold on the upper eyelid; a feature that is uncommon among Asian women and men.

It is done by making a discrete incision along the upper eyelid then manipulating the skin and the inner tissues to form an artificial crease. Asian double eyelid surgery is done under local anaesthetic and IV sedation to help you remain as comfortable during the procedure but also awake to see if you are getting the desired outcome.


This is one of the ways surgeons ensure that you get symmetrical eyes and a crease that brings out the shape and size of the eyes that you want.

However, since this surgery involves the alteration of the eyelid, there are certain shortcomings thatoften happen especially if the procedure is not carried out by a well-trained surgeon. Though the list is quite long, most of the patients who undergo this surgery are pleased with the outcome.

Common complications associated with Asian Double Eyelid surgery:

Asymmetric eyelid creases

Unequal creases which are different in length, height, depth or shape will certainly present a problem. A slight asymmetry can occur even when in the hands of a highly experienced surgeon but a pronounced asymmetry will require a correction surgery.

Other factors such as bone or orbital differences and pre-existing brow or facial can also cause asymmetry in the creases formed.

An overly high eyelid crease

If excessive skin is removed or the incision is made too high above the eyelashes, then the eyelid fold will sit higher than where it expected.

Undesirably shaped eyelid crease

Most patients usually have an idea of the type of crease they desire to get after the procedure. For example, if a patient wants a nasally tapered fold but end up with one that is parallel, he or she will be disappointed and might seek a correction surgery.


This occurs if too much fat is removed resulting to the loss of the fullness of the eyelid found in most Asian people. This will give a semilunar eye crease which is an unnatural Asian look.


This is quite a serious complication that involves the accumulation of blood under the skin. It mostly occurs when the double eyelid surgery is performed at the same time with another facial cosmetic surgery such as a brow lift and a facelift.

Retinal detachment

This occurs when holes or any tears are accidentally formed on the retina when being separated from the outer layer of the eye. Retinal detachment requires a correction surgery.

Difficulty in closing the eyes

After a double eyelid surgery, you can have difficulty in keeping the eyes closed when sleeping. Though in most patients it only occurs temporary, it can be permanent in others and require a correction surgery.

Double or blurred vision

Occasionally, patients may experience double or blurred vision but this complication fades away with time. If it fails too, the one should seek medical attention.

The likelihood of experiencing any of the above serious complications after a double eyelid surgery is highly influenced by the surgeon’s experience as well as a patient’s response to the surgery. Most of the complications can be avoided if the surgeon’s instructions are followed to the latter.

A highly qualified surgeon, patience and willingness to cooperate, the above complications associated with Asian Double Eyelid surgery can be reduced significantly.

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