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Dealing with Mold in Your Home

When you think about keeping your home clean and keeping your family safe you often forgot to think about mold. Mold can be caused by water leaks that are left unattended and can cause serious illness for your family and pets. Although many types of home insurance don’t cover mold claims, mold is completely preventable. So how can you deal with mold in your home?

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Mold grows in moist and warm areas, and can grow both inside and outside of your home. Check bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements for potential mold growth. These are the areas in your home that humidity and moistures are highest. One thing you should pay particularly close attention to in your attic. There may be small leaks that you were unaware of that can be causing some serious damage in your home. You may need to hire a roofing and window professional to repair or replace your roof and insulation. Attic insulation is incredibly susceptible to mold growth and should not be overlooked.

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As soon as you are aware of a mold infestation in your home you should address it. Mold is a fungus and will cause severe harm to you over a prolonged period of time. Talk with your insurance company to see if mold is covered in your plan. If you do have a mold issue make sure you use the services of a professional to extract it to be sure it is completely removed.

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