Difference Between a Dental Hygienist Salary and Dental Assistant

There is a difference between a dental hygienist salary and a dental assistant salary because their job descriptions vary even though most people don’t think so. Dentists usually get most of the credit; dental assistants are essential to keeping a busy dentist’s office and running efficiently. Without their assistants, dentists just wouldn’t have the time available to service all of their patients. Dental assistants are such to have a challenging, yet rewarding career. In order to be dental assistant, you must be able to handle a variety of tasks, have strong interpersonal skills ands have the ability to adapt to different circumstances. Dental assistants are usually tasked with taking molds and x-rays and attending to patients before the dentists. Dental assistants are not the same as dental hygienists. A dental hygienist usually has more education as well as training in order to receive the distinction.


For a dental assistant, the reason for the dental hygienist salary vs. a dentist assistant salary is due to them having more schooling and more responsibility. Here is the job description of a dental assistant comparing to one of a dental hygienist, which is much, more complex.

 A dental assistant must do the following: learn about patient’s medical history and take their vitals, prepare them for treatments and procedure, make the patients feel comfortable and relaxed, prepare and sterilize dental equipment to prevent infection, provide assistance to dentists during procedures, use suction hoses as well as other dental equipment to keep the mouth of the patient dry, keeping the office running smoothly by scheduling appointments, answering phones and ordering supplies, teach patients about oral hygiene, take dental impressions and as well as take and develop x-rays. These tasks are the most common ones that the dental assistant’s are in charged of. Sometimes depending on the dental office, the dental assistant might be asked to do a few more advanced tasks and learn new tasks and develop strong interpersonal skills. This explains the salary difference between a dental assistance and a dental hygienist salary.

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