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Different types of eye doctors


It is important to choose the best eye-care doctor possible.  This is because the Eye Doctors are the people who will preserve your eyesight and they will help you in maintaining the right eyesight. Before you decide about the doctor to choose, you have to be aware that there are two types of the eye doctors, there are ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Optometrist is the person who got the degree in the Optometry. He is the person who examines the eye for the health and vision problems and can correct the refractive errors when he prescribes the contact lenses and the eyeglasses. There are optometrists who provide the low vision care with the vision therapy.  Optometrists are given licenses to prescribe some medications in order to treat some eye diseases and other eye problems.


Optometrists can participate in the pre or post care after surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist.  An optometrist should usually complete four years of the college degree in the science plus the four years of the post-graduate professional of training in the optometry course. In such regards, educational requirement of an optometrist is the same as that of dentists.

As ophthalmologists, the optometrists need to continue their studies requirements on regular basis in order to maintain with the licensure and to stay updated about the latest information in the eye care.

Ophthalmologist is the medical doctor or an MD who is also an osteopathic doctor who specialize in the vision and eye care. They have been trained to do eye examinations, to diagnose and to treat diseases. They can also give the prescription of the eyeglasses with the contact lenses.  The optician does not qualify as the eye doctor but he is important part in the eye care team.  He is the one to be given the prescriptions so that he can fit the patient with the right eyewear and eyeglasses.

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