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Enjoy your rights by having a birth certificate

A birth certificate is very important for any individual. It determines the identity of a person. It is also a proof for citizenship of the person. It shows the date, time, blood group and place of the birth. It also contains parents’ information. It is an important document to avail the services provided by the government.


Why is it necessary?

A birth certificate plays a vital role in everybody’s life. If you want to vote for the right person in election then you need an identity card for voting which is provided only at a certain age. This age can be decided only by the birth certificate. It is a proof to decide whether a girl or boy is legally permissible to get married or not. They have the right to get married by their own choice if they have the proof that they are adults. They can also say no if they are forcefully being married as minor. If you wish to visit any foreign country, you know that a passport is needed for that.  It is mandatory to have birth certificate to apply for the passport. It is of great help in getting admissions to schools and getting government services. You can show this proof for claiming the family property. You cannot drive a vehicle unless you a driving license so for that also a birth certificate is needed.

How to get?

To get a birth certificate first of all the birth of the child should be registered with the state authority. You can apply for the certificate in the government office directly. But, it is very time taking process, involves a lot of paper work and money. There are several other agencies both government and non government which provide their services for birth certificates. You can order from private agencies for getting fast birth certificate. Submit the information online without going anywhere, avoid the paperwork and save your time. The processing of the private agencies is very fast, they check for the errors and obtain the right birth certificate from the state within very less time. The person who is requesting for the certificate may have to submit some documents like Id and signature. The fee is non-refundable as they start processing immediately after receiving the order. You receive the certificate through email. Before ordering for the birth certificate make sure that it is a licensed company and it keeps your details secure.

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