Eyelashes to enhance your natural beauty

Fiber Eyelashes are preferred by women to enhance their beauty and Younique Mascara is one such product that assists them in enhancing their natural outlook. The unique feature of using fiber lashes is that they add up to the volume of eyes almost by 4 times and biggest attraction of these lashes is that it has upgraded to 3D forms. These fiber lashes have included brushes with upgraded look. There are certain imitations of these fiber lashes which are being bought and sold and the customers must keep a caution by buying them. The Younique collection includes a transplanting gel and 3D water resistant fibers.


Details about the product

The brand provides transplanting gels that thickens and increases the volume of your eyes so that you look prettier. The 3D fibers are water resistant so that you can wash off you face with warm water that will not hinder your beauty.

Ingredients used in the mascara

Transplanting gel comprises of distilled water, iron oxide, caurnaba, beeswax, propylene glycol, arclylates copolymer and stearic acid. While the natural fiber comprises of green tea fiber extract and Collagen, form of protein. Majority of the ingredients are organic so they are considered safe for external application.

Direction for use

First you must thoroughly wash your eyes and apply the mascara on the eyelashes for drying them completely. When the mascara dries up then apply the 3D fiber onto it. To uniformly distribute the gel the brushes are used along the lashes.

Tips to maintain the eyelashes

To maintain the utility of the mascara caution required is to avoid application of water to your face before 4 hours otherwise it may spread along your face and may give a filthy look.

These fiber eyelashes are tested by ophthalmologists and are certified as safe but you may develop tendencies of hypo allergens. In that case you must consult your doctor immediately.

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