Female Hair Loss & Treatment

Hair loss in women could be devastating for them. It can take away the confidence from them and may even cause depression in them. Female pattern hair loss is the most common hair loss in women. There are many reasons why women face this hair loss problem. Some of them are medication, genetics, medical condition, stress, lack of nutrients rich food and hormonal changes. There are treatments available for this problem and may work differently depending on the patient. Some medical interventions may be required to solve the issue. If the treatment is not done at the correct time then you may leave with the bald head and will have no option but hair transplant. Hair transplant will anyhow solve the problem permanently. It’s been done in India with many surgeons having expertise in it. It is still need to be kept in mind that metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi provide best surgeons for hair transplant. Hair transplant in pune  is very affordable on the basis of cost as compare to other cities.


Causes for hair loss:

  • Pregnancy:

After delivering the baby, the female body actual go through the physical stress and this stress can cause hair fall.

Losing hairs in this period is actually a normal thing and hairs start growing normally once the stress period is over.

  • Sudden weight loss:

This is the type of physical trauma causing hair loss. Sudden weight loss happens because of reduction in food consumption or due to illness. Anyways it causes the deficiency of important nutrients in our body and therefore causing the hair fall.

After some time your hair growth may come back to normal level as you come out of sudden shock or trauma. Healthy diet can also improve the condition of your hair growth.


  • Emotional stress:

Stress and anxiety can play vital role in hair fall. Work load, death of loved ones or stress related to anything can further increase the chances of hair fall. The chances of hair fall due to emotional stress are less when compared to that of physical stress.

Lowering your stress and anxiety level will eventually reduce this problem. Healthy diet, exercise, meditation, yoga etc. can help in reducing the emotional stress.

  • Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy used to treat the cancer can cause a rapid hair loss. Patient generally loses all of their hairs during the surgery period.

Patient start getting the hairs back once the surgery is over. The pattern and the color of the hairs may be different after the surgery.


  • Over-styling:

Styling your hairs is ok but if you do it in excess then the hairs may start feeling the heat. Over-treatment will make your hairs thin and they will start falling eventually. Regular straightening and curling generates lot of heat and therefore cause severe damage to the hairs.

You need to avoid these chemical treatments so often. Using conditioner after the shampoo is recommended. Let the hairs dry completely so that your hairs do not stay lump.


  • Physical stress:

A serious illness, an accident or any physical trauma can lead to temporary hair loss. This hair loss is termed as Telogen effluvium. This illness directly push the hairs into shedding phase causing excess hair fall.

This hair fall problem vanishes as you recover from the illness.


Treatment to reduce/control hair fall:

  • Healthy diet:

The solution to every health problem is a healthy diet. When it comes to hair fall, you need to include nutritious food rich in vitamin B.The first thing is to have at least 3 balanced meal every day. Breakfast is the most important in this as it keeps our body’s metabolism high. Protein intake need to be taken care of. If there is deficiency of protein in our body then the protein in the body is first supplied to other parts of the body instead of hairs. That directly causes the hair fall.

Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins (A, B, C & E), Zinc and Selenium should be consumed to make sure the healthy hair growth.


  • Medication:

Spironolactone:This medicine is generally used to treat high blood pressure. It hasn’t got the approval by FDA for treatment of alopecia. It’s used more for female baldness. It isn’t used for men because it can cause impotence and gynecomastia (excessive development of male breast). It can also cause irregular menses, breast tenderness and mood swings in women.

Cimetidine:It acts as an anti-androgen and hence can be used in treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women. Using this medicine may lead to feminizing effect and sexual side effects and therefore it’s not used for men.


Oral contraceptives:It’s used for women because it reduces the ovarian androgen production. Contraceptives with low androgen index need to be used. High androgen pills may actually cause hair loss.

  • Hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation is another solution to get rid of the hair loss or baldness problem. The healthy hair grafts are extracted from your scalp and they are injected on the affected area. This gives permanent solution to the hair loss as the new hairs grown are natural and looks like other healthy hairs. The surgery might be little costly but the benefits will overshadow it

  • Low level light therapy:

This laser treatment is not painful and is noninvasive. Laser treatment generally causes heat and damage to the skin in dermatology but it’s not the same with LLLT. Even the skin is neither cut nor burnt because of lasers. The device for this treatment is totally different which contains some panels which shines on the scalp. The red light emerging from the device penetrates through the several layers of tissue and repair the cells. It doesn’t cause any pain or burning sensation as it doesn’t harm the skin while penetrating into it. It also increases the blood flow in the treated area.

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