Get A Blood Test Done To Know More About Your Thyroid Disorders

One might have undergone a number of tests and you would be aware that blood test is the most common one which is used to know about various health aliments. Tests which are done to know about the red and the white blood cells and also the liver as well as kidney functions, the cholesterol status are some of the tests which are done to know about the thyroid health. Thyroid test is the most recommended by the doctors now days as it is said that more than 1 person out of every 20 would suffer from some thyroid disorder.

The thyroid gland which is situated at the front of one’s neck produces the hormones which are known to govern the metabolism. These are known as T4 which is Thyroxin and T3 which is known as triiodothyronine. But what causes thyroid disorders?

Most of the thyroid disorders occur due to the problem of auto immune, which means that the body’s immune system attacks the own body cells.  In the case of under active thyroid, the thyroid gland cells attack itself and thus the glands produce low hormones. In the case of the over active, the glands produce more hormones and this is also known by the name Grave’s disease.

thyroid 1

In many of the cases, only a thyroid test can predict if it is a under active or a over active thyroid gland. The most common of them is the hypothyroidism, which occurs when the gland under produces these hormones. Some of the symptoms of the same are the lack of energy, depression, weight gain or constipation and so on. Hyperthyroidism is one aspect when the glands over produce these hormones and one can feel irritable all the time and also have quite a mood swings. There can also be a swelling in the neck.

Blood tests are done to know more about the disorder in the person. Based on the same, the doctor would suggest the needed dosage of medication.

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