Get a scar free skin easily

Generally people search on how to get rid of pimples, so that they can maintain a charming and glowing skin. It is due to the fact that a scar tissue develops during the healing process for protecting as well as repairing the wound, but many a times these scar tissues experience an overgrowth and it is known as keloids. The keloid scar grows around the original wound and it is much larger than the original wound. This scar is quite common with the people who have darker skin like African etc.This scar is generally experienced in between the age of ten to thirty. It is to be noted that if you are prone to this scar then you must avoid undergoing various unnecessary surgeries such as piercing etc.

Know the symptoms

The scar generally appears after three months of skin damage but it may also develop after a year. You will start to feel scar tissue growing around the wound. With the passage of the time the scar will start to expand and you will feel burning sensation, pain, itchiness around the area etc.  It is advisable to visit the doctor as soon as you experience the growth of the scar tissue as it can be easily controlled in the starting.


Know the treatment

The best part is that there are various treatments available in Malaysia for dealing with this scar issue such as surgery, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, steroid etc. One of the best ways to get rid of these scars is to make use of the Hiruscar gel. This gel contains MPS along with Allium-Cepa aloevera, and other three elements which help in reducing the excessive growth of the scar tissue. The gel can also be used for lessening the black marks, pimple scars, operat5ion marks, chicken pox etc.

You need to apply Hiruscar on your closed wound from two to three times in a day. In case you are using the gel on your face for reducing the pimple scar, then ensure that you use the gel before using make-up or moisturizer on your face.

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