Hair Loss Treatment through Hair Transplant

People all around the world spend splendid amounts on their physical appearance. Still many individuals face some issues which usually hinders their captivating beauty. In this technology oriented world, almost every task is possible. One such example is of hair transplant. This treatment is actually a blessing for the ones who suffer from severe hair loss, specifically from the head region. Hair loss is not gender specific, i.e. both men and women encounter this issue.However, it is more common amongst men. Almost 60% men undergo the problem of hair loss. Baldness, or hair loss, is usually noticed amongst aged individuals, especially after the age of 40. However, there are some witnesses of this condition amongst youngsters as well. Now we can get full head of hair and people travel abroad for budget Fue hair transplant in Pakistan as this procedure many times at high cost in Western countries.

The major reason which accounts for hair loss is hereditary. Almost 95% baldness is caused due to genetic transfer.


Some other reasons which cause hair loss are as follow:

  • Insufficient Diet
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Medication

People inflicted by the problem of hair loss desire to go through some sort of hair loss treatment with the hope that it might bring their hair back. One of the best treatments anyone can go for is hair transplant. However, before going for any sort of treatment, you must be fully aware about its pros and cons. Still, amongst all other hair treatments, hair restoration is the most preferable one!In simple terms, Hair Transplant is a treatment in which hair from the donor area (i.e. the hairy area) are removed and transplanted onto the recipient area (i.e. bald or less hairy zone) of the head. The whole process is performed in the surgeon’s office, or clinic. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which is injected directly into the scalp. After the completion of the procedure, some sort of sedative is also provided. This remedy for consistent hair loss can also be used to restore hairs from various other regions of the body, mainly including eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair, and also to fill in the scars caused by injuries or previous hair restoration procedures.

The specialists go for a suitable method, as per the desire and circumstances of patient’s hair.The patient can discuss in detail with his surgeon as to which type is more suitable for him. The three major types are as follow:

  1. FUT-Follicular unit transplant

It is a type of procedure where small strip of donor area is removed and dissected into single or two hair containing grafts

  1. FUE-Follicular unit extraction

This type of procedure is very popular and many people prefer Fue hair transplant. It does not involve linear scar or stitches and minimal discomfort.

  1. Body to scalp hair restoration

Body hair transplant is another option to restore scalp hair. Beard and body hair can be extracted individually and then implantation in to scalp.

Men having male pattern baldness and some women having female pattern hair loss (which is usually genetic) are candidates for hair restoration methods. Moreover, individuals who have undergone some sort of burns or scalp injuries can also go for Hair restoration surgery.The surgeon removes hair bearing scalp usually from the back of the head. He then cuts the scalp into various small segments. Each segment is known as graft, and each graft carries varying amount of hair. At the end the surgeon transplants the graft into the recipient area (i.e. the bald area).

The whole procedure is performed in sessions and with each session almost 2000 to 5000 hair bearing units are transplanted. Afterwards the donor side undergoes some stitches, which are usually hidden by the surrounding hair. It usually takes around ten days for the stitches to come out.In order to attain satisfactory fullness, several sessions are required. However, after every session it takes around two to four months to heal properly.

Every coin has two faces. Same is the case with Hair Transplant. Despite its miraculous benefit of providing fullness in hair, it causes several discomforts to the patient as well. Some of the common side effects are enlisted below:

  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Slight itching at the donor site
  • Some swelling at the donor site
  • Lack of sensation at donor and recipient sites

Keeping in mind recent recession in economy, people seek quality but affordable procedure. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan is affordable and many people get their online booking and consultation from Dr.AhmadChaudhry. He is a skilled, an experienced and qualified hair restoration surgeon from France.


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