How does Face Slimming Work? Try it in Cambridge Therapeutic Medical Spa in Singapore!

Sometimes with aging the skin of the face became puffy, saggy and lost its freshness and tightening. The main reason for this condition is lack of collagen. And this is not necessary to be as a result of aging – often young people have this symptoms –puffy face, saggy jowls, loose check, dropping neck… Nothing can help this problem – serums and creams have low termed effect and you just throw you money away. There is no sense… Stop this game with no winning – come to Cambridge Therapeutic Medical Spa in Singapore and try the new face filler. Our professionals are waiting for you. Their big experience in skin treatment will help you to get rid of puffiness, saggy skin and all imperfections.


The new method EnerG™ RF LIFT was developed in Japan exclusively for jagged, puffy skin. Try it, there is no better way to get rid out of skin imperfections. This whole new method for skin lifting has a mind blowing effect without pain.  You know how many of face lifts procedures are painful and tortured.

With Cambridge Therapeutic Medical Spa newEnerG™ RF LIFT you are going to feel yourself like a princess – comfortable and easy you can get your refreshed, slim face!

Forget all old fashion treatment which will make you suffer – there is one new method to renew your face skin. You do not need painful and expensive surgery.  Our professionals dedicated their life to invent non-invasive procedure for face lifting.

May be you want to know how exactly EnerG™ RF LIFT is working and what Is its secret?

Our new super effective treatment  EnerG™ RF LIFT  goes deeper than the traditional RF. In this way EnerG™ RF LIFT can easy and long termed to reduce saggy skin, dropped jowls, puffy cheeks and loose necks.

This method can easy slim down face and to return its lost natural freshness. Only EnerG™ RF LIFT by Cambridge Therapeutic Medical Spa Singapore can trigger your body to rebuild collagen. As a result you are going to have natural, tight, smooth and healthy, shiny skin yon can proud of!

How is this treatment slimming face, what is the advantage?

EnerG™ RF LIFT uses advanced Skin Lifting Technology. Skin lifting Technology  is stimulating formation of new collagen and firming at the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) area. Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS)  is an important “supporting scaffold” for skin facial structure. Our new method EnerG™ RF effectively stimulates this process.

When you apply EnerG™ RF LIFT you are going to feel only little warming. Right in this moment RF start working to rebuild collagen for your face.

There will be no pain and discomfort. All of the procedures in Cambridge Therapeutic Medical Spa were developed only to offer comfort and optimal results.

Go back to normal daily activities when you finish the face slimming therapy.  Lifting EnerG RF is easy and without pain. Don’t get painful and risky face lift surgeries.

Enquire about your EnerG™ RF LIFT treatment now!

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