How does Laser Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening has become one of the key sources of income for dentists across the USA, and has led to an increase in the number of dental jobs in the industry. In the past, the most popular way to whiten teeth was to use Hydrogen Peroxide. This was either completed in the comfort of the user’s home, or it was completed by a dentist. This method would have been used over several days.

Now that tooth whitening has become more widespread, dentists have begun to use new techniques in order to quicken the treatments for this by using lasers which are able to accelerate the chemical reaction that takes place when the solution is applied to the teeth. This laser process is therefore able to reduce the number of sessions required to complete the whitening process. Because lasers are being used, this process must be completed by a qualified dentist.


How does Teeth Whitening with Lasers work?

The method completed is as follows:


In this process, the dentist will analyse if you have receding gums and to see if the roots of your teeth have become exposed over time. If the dentist finds evidence of this, this may mean that the whitening will be uneven as the roots of the teeth are resistant to whitening.This may mean you would be unsuitable for treatment.


The dentist will clean your teeth and make sure all fillings and cavities are in excellent condition. If this is not done, then the whitening solution could penetrate a cavity in your tooth leading to future problems.


Tooth whitening can make your teeth sensitive, so the dentist may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to prevent this from happening.

The Whitening

Firstly, the dentist will apply a plastic guard to keep your mouth open during the process. Then, the dentist will install a barrier to protect your gums from the solution. A syringe is then used to apply the whitening solution to the affected teeth, then a laser is applied which exacerbates the chemical reaction, and therefore increases the amount of staining that can be removed.

After the whitening process, the dentist will then flush out your mouth, then removes the guards.

Follow Up

It is important to note that the effects of the whitening are not permanent, and teeth can become re-stained by drinks such as tea and coffee. Typically, the whitening effects can last for around six months to a year, depending on your diet, before you have to arrange another appointment. Now that laser teeth whitening has become more widespread, the number of dental assistants being employed as a result is going through the roof. So contact your local dentist today to book yourself in for this effective treatment for discoloured teeth.

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