How often you must take Your Pets to Apex Veterinary?

Your four-legged friend requires wellness visits to keep it healthy. A visit to veterinary doctor helps in two ways, the doctors can treat your pet in case it is ill and they help prevent diseases too. Many dental and health issues could be tackled effectively, if they are spotted early. The pet owners are not good at detecting the health problems. Only a skilled and experienced professional can identify the disease at early stages.

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Many people have this question, how often should they take their pets for regular checkups. Well, the answer to this depends on the pet’s life stage.

  1. Birth to one Year (Puppy or Kitten) – Your pet needs vaccines every 3 – 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks. Dogs get vaccinated for kennel cough, rabies and distemper-parvo. Cats get vaccinations, which cover many diseases and they are examined for feline immunodeficiency and leukemia. The pet is examined and ensured that they are growing well and show no signs of any ailments.
  2. One – 7 – 10 Years (Adult) – Regular checkups is recommended during this stage. Head to tail examination of the pet is done and blood sample is also taken to determine if they have heartworms. During the first year and then every 3 years there after the pet must get rabies and distemper-parvo shots. The vet might also recommend other tests, if he sees anything unusual during physical examination.
  3. 7 – 10 years (Senior and Older) – Older pets need checkup twice a year. Besides thorough physical examination, tests are done to follow up any problem. Urine and blood tests will give complete picture about the thyroid hormone levels, kidney health and more.

Once pets become old (twelve for cats and ten years for dogs), a check up every 6-months is ideal. Age related health problems are quite common and it can advance rapidly. So, a quick examination once in 6 months is an effective way to ensure that nothing is neglected during the early stages.

In the recent years, pet vaccines have been improved and in some cases the entire annual vaccination might not be required. Vets at Apex veterinary clinic, discuss the lifestyle of the pet’s and make vaccine recommendations based on the pet’s health. Yes, frequent health checkups of your pet costs money, which has to be included into your budget. If you can pay for it, then it is sensible to do what your vet recommends to get the best outcome.

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