How to Get a Good Job in Healthcare

The German-Spanish personnel service specializes in the placement of nurses from Spain. TTA offers flexible theories for the integration of Spanish nurses with the language skills A2 / B2 in German and Swiss hospitals and care facilities. The recruitment takes place after Germany offers information sessions especially for working in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Switzerland. To work in Germany as a nurse visit Vermittlung von Pflegekräften.


Four years education

The Spanish profession of nursing is academized fully and is at the top of the European Level. Due to the expansion of the medical treatment and the integration into the European Higher Education Area, the study time has been increased to four years leading to the “diplomatura en enfermería. Since 2008, for Spanish nurses this leads to university title “grado en enfermería”.

Technical growth

The expanded curriculum reflects the technical growth in the care bill. The medical schools teach the expectant nurses in handling of:

  • High-tech medical equipment
  • IT-based diagnostic and maintenance procedures

They are prepared for the challenges of everyday life in a modern clinic, having the understanding of complex work processes which havecome to be a prerequisite for the implementation of care.

Vocational training

In Spanish care while studying there, the student can afterone or two years of vocational training are able to become assistantsand areallowed “Auxiliar de enfermería”. The assistant helps the nurse and physician. They takeover:

  • Distribution of food
  • Cleaning and general care
  • Assist the charge nurse in consultation with the attending doctor
  • Assist in care plan
  • Documenting the nursing care

Placement of nurses from Spain

In Germany, the nurses who have decided to work as a health and nursing / inside and in Switzerland on a qualified nursing staff are considered nursing professionals with the title “Bachelor of science in nursing”.

Recruitment services

The Healthcare Professionals Recruitment Services TTA Pflegekräfte provides nurses opportunities in specialized care institutions, clinics, and hospitals. The placement of nurses occurs throughout Germany, but in particular nurses are needed in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Switzerland.

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