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How to Shrink Stomach with Easy and Healthy

Have a distended abdomen must be very uncomfortable for women and men, the shame will arise especially in terms of appearance. If someone has a distended stomach must be very disturbing especially for men who want to appear attractive, and for women who want to look sexy. Usually this happens because of a protruding belly irregular eating patterns, lack of exercise and impaired health. Therefore, this article will provide a way to shrink the stomach naturally with exercise and a few other things.

How to Shrink Stomach

The first is by consuming water. If a distended abdomen caused by water retention, you can solve the problem by drinking more water. This would make the amount of sodium in the body is reduced thus increasing the amount of water released from the body.


Drinking more water also stimulates bile functions effectively to remove substances that are not required by the body. The thing to note is not to change the water consumption during the diet because many materials that are difficult to digest and can cause stomach bubble. Consuming the right fiber will also help shrink the stomach. Fiber is an important element in the diet, but to reduce the accumulation of water in the stomach, you can consume fiber in fruits such as apples and pears that have a lot of water content.

The next is to eat slowly. One cause bloated stomach is eating too fast. Avoid consuming food quickly, because when you swallow too quickly, at least there is air retained in the intestines and form a gas that can cause abdominal distension. Always sit down when eating and chew eat slowly.

The food is not chewed into small parts can not be digested properly, it is this which then produces a lot of gas that causes bubbles in your stomach. You can also re-check the medications you are taking. Expanding belly is the side effects of drug consumption. Aspirin sometimes causes stomach problems that lead to constipation and distention, including the contraceptive pill.

which in turn is reducing the consumption of salt. Consume too much salt in the diet to add extra sodium to the body fluids which makes the slow mechanism so that push water out of the cell. As a result, the stomach feel full and bloated. Exercise will also help shrink your stomach is distended.

Exercise will help move the fluid in the stomach can cause major stomach by pushing it out of the network and enter the blood stream where it will dilkeluarkan as sweat or brought to the bile for issued as urine. Sport recommended, among others aerobics.

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