If you’ve had a Bicycle Accident, make a Compensation Claim

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident in the last three years and suffered injuries, why not make a claim for compensation?  Contact reputable lawyers in the UK who will assess your options in order to put together a personal injury claim.

With so much traffic on the UK roads, it’s not surprising that cyclists are increasingly involved in road accidents.  In the event of a crash or mishap, check out your options via bicycle accident compensation from UK Claim Lawyers.  Expert cycling accident lawyers work on a 100% no-win, no-fee basis so you have nothing to lose by proceeding with a claim for compensation.

Bicycle Accident

Alarming UK bicycle accident statistics

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that every year in the UK, more than 17,000 cyclists are killed or hurt in bike crashes.  This alarming figure may even be more when you consider that many cycling accidents are not being reported. Although less than 10% of road accidents involve bicycles, the casualty rate is higher than any other type of accident on the road.  It’s important to claim the compensation you deserve by getting in touch with recommended UK bicycle accident lawyers.

Common causes of cycling accidents

If you’re a little unsure, here are a few common causes of cycle accidents:-

  • Collisions with drivers of cars who don’t look out for cyclists
  • Ill-kept road surfaces and pot holes
  • Faulty bike equipment from manufacturers

There’s a long list of painful cycle injuries which could be anything from fractures to head injuries, soft tissue injuries, whiplash or other neck injuries.

bicycle fall

Advice on how to claim compensation

You may be wondering how to claim compensation if you’ve been in a cycling accident through no fault of your own.  Reliable claim solicitors in the UK can help you in your pursuit for bicycle accident compensation.  When making a claim the key criteria are usually:-

  1. That the accident occurred due to someone else’s fault
  2. It happened sometime within the last three years

Most personal injury claims are paid for by the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident.  In the event however that the person responsible doesn’t have valid insurance, or is missing, claims can still be made to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau.  This is a government body that will pay compensation to the accident victim.

personal injury claims

Benefit from a professional service

Naturally, you may be a little unsure about proceeding with a claim for bicycle accident compensation.  There’s no need to worry especially when you can use the services of 100% no-win, no-fee solicitors.  This means even in the unlikelihood that your bicycle accident compensation claim is unsuccessful you will have nothing to pay.  Sympathetic claims lawyers also offer clients the following benefits:-

professional service

  1. No excess insurance to pay
  2. No claims bonus unaffected
  3. Repairs or a replacement of your bike

What’s more bike repairs can be carried out at a garage or a service centre of your choice.

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