Keeping Toxins and Chemicals Out of Your Home

Whether you have several small children running around your home or you just want to have a healthier lifestyle, one of the best things you can do for the overall health you and your family is to eliminate as many chemicals and toxins as possible. Chances are that you don’t leave vats of sulfuric acid sitting out on your countertop, but there are plenty of other areas where toxins and chemicals can hide that can cause serious health risks over time if left unaddressed. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple things you can do to eliminate many of the toxins and chemicals that you and your family are exposed to everyday, and here are a few of the most effective options.

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Take Off Your Shoes

One of the easiest ways for you to add unwanted contaminants into your home via your shoes, so you really need to make sure you take them off at the door right when you enter your home. Obviously, your shoes track in all sorts of dirt, mud, and other debris that can create a huge mess, but you also are tracking in bacteria, pathogens, and whatever else happened to be on something you recently stepped on. Keeping the toxins out of your house in the first place is the easiest and most effective way to make your home a healthier environment.

Purify Your Air

Most people are unaware of just how polluted the air inside their home truly is, and every day you and your family are breathing that air into your body. Even if you dust your home regularly and circulate fresh air through the house, there will still be plenty of dust and bacteria floating in each gulp of air. Consider installing an air purification system to help eliminate as many of the pollutants as possible. Also, make sure you change your furnace filter on a regular basis to help this problem and choose an anti-bacterial filter is it is available.

Use Natural Cleansers

Almost without exception, the most toxic and hazardous chemicals that we bring into our homes are the very items we use to keep it clean. If you’ve ever browsed through the ingredients on your favorite general purpose cleaner, then you already know that it’s a cocktail of some pretty nasty stuff. On top of that, even your family’s personal hygiene products like toothpaste, deodorant, and hand soap have trace amounts of chemicals that are very harmful in large quantities. Consider using cold process soap instead of commercial brands that contain those harmful chemicals and dyes and try to clean with vinegar throughout your home as much as possible. Sometimes the only thing that will get the cleaning job done is a hefty chemical, but most people turn to them much too often.

Know What to Throw Out

Certain items are mildly toxic, which is something most people can live with, but storing those items in your home can lead to health risks. Even something as simple as sparklers that you had left over from your summer barbeque can slowly infest your home with toxins if you aren’t careful, so it’s best to throw out anything even mildly risky as soon as possible. You can save a little money by hanging onto sparklers and being a packrat, but it certainly isn’t worth the cost to your family’s health.

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Shop Consciously

Lastly, when you head out to your favorite store to shop, make sure you’re conscious about the items you’re purchasing. Try to avoid plastic jugs, jars, and packaging that put off harmful fumes and can alter your natural estrogen production. Also, you should choose items that are easy to clean so you won’t need to rely on harmful cleaning products when they need a thorough washing. By making informed decisions and thinking ahead, you can really do a lot to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your home and create a healthier environment for your family.

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