Lenry and Larry Cookies-Perfect for Both Good Health and Ultimate Taste

Every individual whether he/she is a small kid or a young man likes to eat cookies with milk, tea and coffee. However, many people do not able to eat tasty cookies either because of their diet restrictions to maintain good health. Hence, in order to solve the problem, Lenry and Larry baked nutrition group introduced a new healthy cookies collection for food lovers, which are prepared with 100 percent of vegan items. In this blog post, you will be able to know about specialties of cookies prepared by the aforementioned baked nutrition group.


Free from any GMO Ingredient

Chefs preparing muscle muffins and cookies only use purest ingredients to make and bake such products. In other words, each product offered by the baked nutrition group remains free from any kind of GMO i.e. Genetic Modification component. Hence, to fulfill the required standard, experts use beans, grains, oils and other similar types of ingredients obtained from varying sustainable resources. For instance, we prepare palm oil with the help of renewable resources rather than via clear cutting application.

Rich in Protein and Fiber Contents

Since many years, individuals working under Lenry and Larry baked nutrition group have put their efforts to perfect the unique blend of natural vegetable proteins and thereby, to refine the baking process to assure about completely delicious cookies. In addition, chefs give concern towards retaining the taste of cookies, as similar to those just prepared fresh from oven. Moreover, bakers include 16 grams of whey protein and about 8 grams of fiber in Muscle Brownies and Muscle Muffins items.


Free from Soy

If you give your time to collect information about latest studies related to food products, you will likely come to know that too much contents of soy in biscuits, muffins, cookies and other baked products lead to increase in levels of estrogen leading to increased risk of cancer and other types of undesirable physical effects. Hence, by considering this fact, reputed baked nutrition group prefers to make cookies, muffins and other items, which remain free from soy.

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