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Looking for Some Hunting Action? 5 Steps to the Best Grounds

Hunting is one of the most exciting outdoor activities in the U.S. According to statistics, more than 34 million Americans hunt according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). In fact, you will be surprised to know more Americans love hunting and shooting as opposed to watching baseball. The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA) reckons hunting pumps $22.1 billion into the economy annually. Whether you are an old hand on the gun or you are starting off, you need to know where to catch your game.

Ask any hunter; nothing is as frustrating as waiting for a coyote the whole day and retuning home without a single shot. Whether you are a deer specialist or a dove shooter, it is important to know where the action is. Here are some quick tips on selecting the right grounds:

  1. Leverage Technology

While old school scouting still remains an exciting prelude before the season, you will realize that technology has come in to ease the search. When you go online, there are so many platforms featuring exclusive hunting land with detailed information of the game to expect. This is more convenient, especially if you are an out of state hunter. You can easily select land that suits your needs.

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  1. Join a Hunting Platform

First things first; hunting is a lifelong learning experience. No hunter knows everything and this is the reason you need to join a hunting forum. The best online platforms provide invaluable tips on how to hunt, where to hunt, tips on specific game hunting and so much more.  You can also search based on your budget, state, game and rating of the specific land.

  1. Seek Referrals

The best information you can ever get on hunting has to be from a hunter.  This is the reason you need to join a community where you share ideas with other hunters. Whether you are after big or small game, a hunter who has experience in a specific spot is best suited to offer advice and strategies.

  1. Do Your Research

This applies to hunting enthusiasts who are starting off. It is important to learn about favorite spots such as Appleton, Wisconsin, Lake Umbabog, Northwestern Montana , New Hampshire, South-western Connecticut, and Pine Ridge, Nebraska among other spots. Moreover, make sure you decide which game you are out to hunt.  There is so much game to hunt in the U.S ranging from geese, turkey, whitetails, deer, coyotes, pheasant, squirrels and moose among others.

  1. Scout the Land

Now that you have narrowed down on the perfect hunting spot, it is time to get down to work. In fact, scouting the area is the hardest part aside from the actual hunt. Luckily, you have technology such as Google Maps and cameras to help you identify tracks, watering spots and the best sites for your tree stand.

If you haven’t had a good hunting season lately, it is time to up your game.  This season start things early and you are sure to share trophies with friends. Your success is just a few clicks away so get down to it.


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