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Maple Syrup supplies


In the Northeast States, wholesale maple syrup production is a booming business. The weather is perfect for making syrup and anyone with a sugar maple tree can make themselves a batch. However unfortunately it is not that easy. It takes skills and the right equipment to make a batch. Here are just some of the many supplies needed to make maple syrup


One of the first things you will need to get started in wholesale maple syrup production is tubing and taps. You can use 3/16” tubing or a more standard 5/16” tubing. You will also need a tap and tapping bits at the end.


Buckets are the cheapest way to go in wholesale maple syrup production. Using the tubing, tap and bucket but you would need a lot of those and have to make the syrup by hand. For a thriving wholesale maple syrup business you need larger equipment.

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Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Reverse Osmosis Equipment is the most expensive part of whole sale maple syrup making. A brand new machine can cost just under $15,000. There is plenty of used and refurbished models to start out with that will cost you much less to start up.

Filter presses

These come in sizes from a few gallons up to over 100 gallons. They clean out the dirt and particles from syrup and filter it for production.


Most wholesale maple syrup producers use stainless steel or plastic tanks to produce their products. These tanks are very large in wholesale maple syrup production companies going up to over 10,000 gallons.

If you want to avoid the costs of a lot of different supplies you will need to make your own wholesale maple syrup, you can get it direct at

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