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Maple taffy for the young and the old!

Maple trees produce a sugary sap which is extracted from the trunks of the maple trees and later reduced into the maple syrup which is sold on a commercial scale. The syrup is graded according to the color of the syrup. The darker the syrup, the stronger is the flavor. Though there is no difference in the processing of the sap, the flavor imparted to the syrup depends on the time of the year.

It might be misconception among people that maple sap is just made into maple syrup which is drizzled on pancakes or waffles. However, there are plenty other ways in which the maple syrup is used. One of the most consumed products both by children as well as adults is the maple taffy.

mapple syrup

Maple taffy is a type of candy made from the maple sap. The process of making maple taffy is similar to that of maple syrup, however, it is boiled for a longer duration so that it surpasses the syrup stage and becomes thicker and candy like. It is left undisturbed throughout over a low flame. Stirringthe syrup can cause the maple taffy to become grainy which is an undesirable characteristic. It is a tradition in Quebec to pour the hot taffy into the snow so that it thickens quickly and then is served using forks or Popsicle sticks.

Maple taffy is best eaten fresh. Sugar hoses are a common source of these freshly prepared maple taffy. For commercialization, maple taffy is sold as maple candy where various other flavors are added to the mix to make it more desirable.

Where can you get it from?

The candy can be made at home. There are various recipe videos available to guide you through a step by step process. But, for others, companies like Maple Syrup Direct exist which make the maple taffy to order and ship it across the world.

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