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Melasma Treatments to cure hyper pigmentation

If you are tired hiding hyper pigmentation on your lips, cheek, nose or forehead and suffering from emotional trauma because of this problem, then do not lose your hopes as there is a treatment that can help you boost your self-confidence again. You can hunt for Melasma treatment that can help you get your natural beauty again.

The problem of hyper pigmentation causes tanning or skin or skin discoloration particularly among pregnant women. The condition is known as Melasma and it is not easy to treat this problem and it can affect your day to day life. Thanks to modern technology that we still can treat this problem and get rid of Melasma easily. In Melasma treatment chemical peels are also used especially in advance mode of treatment. A chemical solution is used to apply on the area that is affected and is allowed to get soaked. The chemical penetrates through the skin to peel off skin layer that is damaged, letting new skin appear in place of damaged skin.


There are some topical steroids available in form of lotions, ointment and creams available that are used as part of treatment for Melasma. They are helpful in treating skin conditions like eczema. Another technique known as Microdermabrasion also known as microderm is a technique used to refresh skin and repair hyper pigmentation. This technique includes use of a device known as sandblaster that helps spraying crystals to affected areas. Basically it is similar to facial technique used to remove layer of dead skin. This technique requires one or more sessions to reduce hyper pigmentation or completely cure melasma.

Sometimes dermatologists prescribe bleaching agents as part of Melasma treatment and it advisable to use depigmenting agents under dermatologist’s supervision. These depigmenting agents can sometimes cause skin irritation, If not used in right quantity. Well, apart from other techniques and treatment for Melasma that includes external treatment or applications, there is another very promising treatment that most women feel is the best treatment to cure the disorder and that is through a natural supplement that treat gland deficiencies and maintain the levels of copper levels in the body. So this internal treatment also works and no matter whatever matter you choose to cure melasma, it is advisable that you avoid sunlight, wear hats or sunscreen daily and avoid sunlight as much as you can.

Some people also believe that Vitamin E also works well for treating melasma as vitamin E is a good antioxidant and if you include in your daily regime you can see better results. Some natural remedies like using lemon juice, turmeric along with raw potato, sliced cucumber and aloe Vera help to treat the darkened areas. The changes in hormones like progesterone and due to intake of birth control pills or other medications can cause melasma though there can be other reasons too like too much of skin exposure to sun and using certain beauty products that doesn’t suit your skin type etc., you just need to take care of your diet and make sure you avoid sun to avoid melasma to some extent.

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