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Move Past Your Insecurities

The established social norms in collaboration with magazines and social media have made a significant impact on women, their self-image and self-confidence. Insecurities and low self-esteem have become an integral part of our lives. But the truth is that these flaws we all have are our personal traits; they’re what make a person unique and special. Learning to accept yourself as you are is a lengthy and difficult process, but there are certain ways to help yourself through it. The first step is understanding that you can’t (and shouldn’t) change everything about yourself. The second step is working on improving your imperfections. These are some of the most common insecurities that you can actually do something about:

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When talking about body issues, most people assume that these problems apply solely on being a few pounds’ overweight, but what they don’t realize is that there are women who are actually underweight and cannot gain a single pound no matter how much they eat. Both cases are equally frustrating and finding a suitable nutrition plan that can fix these issues can become overwhelming after a certain amount of time. Instead of focusing too much attention on creating a diet plan that will help you lose (or gain) weight, you should simply focus yourself on eating healthy, balanced meals and perhaps addingcertain supplements toyour diet. Another thing you can do is learn how to shop according to your body type, so you’d be able to emphasize your good sides and cover up the flaws.


Thick, thin, greasy, dry, curly, straight – we cannot choose the type of hair we’re born with. Women with different hair types experience different issues and that’s why it’s important to realize that every hair type deserves a special kind of care. Your nutrition plays a significant role when it comes to your hair quality and that’s why there are certain foods you should implement into your diet, if you want to be a step closer to healthier hair. For instance, foods like salmon, spinach, eggs, cinnamon and oysters are known to contain essential nutrients which can promote hair growth, add volume and make it shiny.

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Just like our hair, the type of our skin is mostly determined by genetics, but can also be affected by nutrition habits and regular skin care regimens. Women with oily skin who suffer frequent acne outbreaks should pay attention on using quality skin products that don’t clog the pores, but rather cleanse the skinTheyshould also pay attention to certain habits, such as remembering to take the makeup off before going to bed, getting a proper amount of beauty sleep etc. On the other hand, women who have naturally dry skin, should invest their time in regular exfoliation, quality moisturizers and getting properly hydrated. Of course, there are some more severe skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation or depigmentation where it’s perfectly acceptable to seek professional help in a form of pigmentation removal or a similar cosmetic treatment that will help with disorders such as these.

From an early age, women are taught that all they should care about is their physical appearance. For someone to be considered a real woman it’s necessary to have flawless skin, a supermodel figure, silky hair and a dazzling smile. Anything that doesn’t conform to these standards is considered unattractive. Don’t let these norms define you, rather learn to carry yourself in the most unique possible way and show that everyone carries their beauty differently.

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