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Pickle ball: interesting sports for all ages

Most of the people love to play paddle sports that are created for people of all ages with different level of skills. People can quickly learn these games that are easy for the beginners while it can be quite competitive for the experienced members. This fun sports game is combination of different games such as badminton, tennis and pickle ball including many more. Pickle ball game can be played both as indoor and outdoor game with a plastic ball and a paddle. The equipment of the pickle ball was evolved with handmade equipment with the simple rules. After the sudden popularity of the game it started growing internationally including many of the Asian and European countries with courts. For more information of pickle ball equipment and games contact to wolfesports.com.

pickle ball

Basic information

The pickle ball court is used for both doubles and single place while similar to the size badminton court. There are basically six important lines and zones in the court of pickle ball. Before playing this game one should be familiar about all the rules and terms of the game. You would feel convenient with popular pickle ball bags to that are meant to carry your important equipments.

Equipments of pickle ball

Generally, paddles of pickle ball are designed of wood and composite material in lightweight. Composite materials can be graphite or aluminum while size of the paddle is big in comparison to ping pong paddle and smaller than the tennis racquet. The weight of the paddle may depend upon the type of material used for it. The paddle made up of wood material generally weight heavier than the graphite material. The design of the ball is different from other ball as pickle balls have holes just as whiffle ball. These balls are available in various colors such as green, white and yellow. Pickle balls models may vary according to the use of indoor and outdoor purposes.


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