Reasons you Want to Consider Soma Bariatric Procedures

Bariatric is an operation performed to help people loss their weight. Obesity is a fast rising medical problem, which puts individuals suffering from it at very high risk of getting fatal diseases ranging from asthma, cancer, diabetes mellitus, and heart disease. Obesity neither discriminates on age nor gender. Usually, the victim may have tried several ways to lose weight but are not successful. These are the reasons why you need to consider a Soma bariatric either for yourself or a loved one.

Effective long-term weight loss

If you have been on dietary plans and ended up gaining weight afterward, or you’ve been hitting the gym for a very long time without long term successful results, bariatric cosmetic procedure could be for you. The surgery can change some part of your body anatomy thereby changing your energy balance and fat metabolism, which in turn help you lose weight. Studies show that more than 90 percent of patients following bariatric surgery are able to maintain 50 percent of their weight loss.


Resolution of coexisting diseases

The surgery, due to the weight loss effect, helps combat diseases associated with obesity. These include high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, breathing disorders, lipid abnormalities, urinary stress incontinence, fatty liver disease and diabetes mellitus.

Improved longevity

Epidemiologic studies show that obesity is associated with high chances of dying earlier. An analysis of prospective studies with almost a million adults from Europe and North American revealed that mortality was lowest among adults with a body mass index of 22.5 to 25 and there was a 30 percent increase in overall mortality for each 5 increase in body mass index (BMI).

Another study in Canada showed bariatric surgery did result in 85 percent reduction of mortality rate. In Utah, yet another of these studies showed that 7,000 patients following the surgery showed a 40 percent reduction in mortality with a seven-year follow-up. Most obese patients are in poor health and the associated diseases are more than often fatal. Increasing your mortality rate is a huge benefit. With a Soma bariatric, it can help improve longevity in patients because they keep their body weight at manageable levels.

Improved quality of life

Obesity can increase physical limitations, bodily pain, and fatigue. The National Health and Nutrition Survey found that obese women were more prone to depression than the rest with a normal body mass index. Another report at UCLA showed that bariatric surgery patients marked improved quality of life after the procedure. Bariatric surgery aims at weight loss and this results in a more mobile individual, increased self-esteem, social interactions and sexual function, reduced depression and anxiety. All these are contributors to the general definition of good life. The weight loss procedure affects all these things positively.

The Soma bariatric provides hope to people struggling with obesity and excess weight. An individual needs not suffer from overweight problems. The bariatric surgery gives a good solution to the life-threatening problem and it has increased in popularity in the recent years. The above are reasons that should motivate anyone suffering from obesity to seek bariatric surgery as a solution.

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