Scanning of your womb to monitor the fetus

Ultrasound technique is similar to the scanning machine and it has become common to detect the movements and growth of fetus in the womb. With advancing technology, the scanning machines which are used for scanning the fetus have become more advanced. There are various types of scanning machines available in the market, which are capable of scanning the fetus more clearly than the traditional ultrasound machines. Clear face and body of the fetus can be seen on the screen by using the advanced scanners. They are powerful enough to note the heartbeat and pulse rate of the fetus.

Ultrasound scan

This type of scanning is also known as dating scans which are done around 8-14 weeks of pregnancy.  They are done by the common ultrasound machines to check the development of your baby. The main aim of performing dating scan is to check whether you are carrying more than one baby, in what stage of pregnancy you are and to check the place of growth of the fetus.

scan 1

4D scanning in pregnancy

Technology has enabled the parents to see the 3D and 4D view of their child in the womb. In the 3D view, you can see baby from the three dimensions while in 4D scans you will be able to see the moving picture of your child from 3 dimensions.

Know the sex of your baby

It is exciting for the parents to know the sex of their child before birth and Gender scans have made it possible. During the early days of pregnancy, all the embryos look same. But with development of the body parts and sex organs, it is easy to detect the sex of the child in the womb with the help of powerful and advanced scanners. It is the gradual process so only after 11 weeks of pregnancy; it is possible to detect the sex of the child.


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