Sitting Might be Killing you

Long days sitting in your chair at the office may be harming your health, according to a study conducted by U.K. Department of Health and theActive Working Community Interest Company.

Increasing every year in developed countries, employees are sitting more for increasingly longer periods of time. Not only severely injuring your back, it can actually reduce the total potential years of life expectancy. Experts advise tostand up often and walk around the office. This gets the blood flowing in your limbs, especially your legs and back which can experience musculoskeletal pain if they are not kept active and stretched.

In order to fight this discrepancy, stand and work more actively.  Try to get a standing work station so you won’t have the same issues as if you sat all day. You should talk your local chiropractor in Alabama about treatments to keep your spine and other important muscles healthy and flexible. If your simply does not allow standing, you will want to work with a chiropractor to establish stretches and exercises to do before and after work.

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Back Pain and Fatigue

Back pain is a frequent problem for all-day sitters, whether it is at work or at home in front of the TV. In order to relieve this obnoxious pain, a chiropractor can work with your spine to alleviate pressure and poor posture using spinal manipulation to get the back into its natural, proper position.

Get Off Your Medication

Pain meds are a common and overused go-to treatment. Many people are unaware medications may have negative side effects that can worsen back pain or increase your risk of further injury. Many medications tend to just mask the problem and do not cure the actual problem, and this is why many people suffer addiction to medications.  Talk to your Madison chiropractor about a more natural way of curing your ailments via spine manipulations and exercise consultation.

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