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Some important indicators of drug abuse in teenagers.

Drug addiction can be very challenging for both the drug user and their family members. This is made particularly difficult when the drug user is a teenager. However, if you do suspect that your teenager is abusing drugs, there are many avenues of hope where they can get help, some of which are online sources such as http://www.arise-network.com/. Sometimes you may not be sure whether your teen is abusing drugs because they may be very secretive about it, but there are some tell-tale signs that are clear indicators that they may be drug abusers. It is important for you to know these signs so that you can make early arrangements to get help for your loved one. Some of these signs are given below:

1) Change in attitude

Your teen may change their attitude for many reasons, and drug abuse could be one reason for them becoming extremely rude and stubborn. Look for sudden changes in attitude from being very polite to becoming a rude and stubborn teen that defies your authority and makes unusual demands.

drug teen

2) Change in appetite and sleeping habits

A sudden decrease of appetite coupled with weight loss and a change in sleeping habits may be another indicator of drug abuse. Most drug abusers do not have the desire to eat much and they may also have strange sleeping habits like sleeping excessively or not sleeping at all. Depending on the type of drugs being used, some teens may tend to use a lot of strong minty sweets and chewing gums to cover up the smell of the drug; this is common with strong smelling drugs like marijuana.

3) A drastic drop in school grades

Sometimes your teen’s grades may drop because they have simply become lazy, however drug abuse can also be a contributing factor to a sudden drop in school grades. This is because they no longer have the interest or frame of mind to concentrate on their school work.

4) A lack of interest in their hobbies

If your teen had hobbies, such as sports, art, etc., they may suddenly lose interest in these activities when they begin to abuse drugs. This is because they are now so consumed with taking the drug that they no longer have time to pursue these other interests, as their new interest is now in the drug.

5) A constant need for money

If your teen suddenly needs large amounts of money, it could also be a sign of drug abuse. This may even graduate to a point where they may end up selling their personal items or some of your items to get the extra finance to sustain their new habit.

6) Change in appearance of eyes

Take note of changes in their eyes, for example, red eyes can be associated with taking marijuana, or watery eyes can be associated with other drugs. They may also enjoy wearing sunglasses most times, even at night or in rainy weather when they are not needed so as to cover up their eyes.

The above few tips are a general guideline to help you identify whether your teenager may be involved in drug abuse. If you do find that they are involved, remain calm and explore the different avenues available for help and rehabilitation.

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