The Alternative Medication Treatment Approach of Dr Lowell Is Now Top Demanding

Health as well, wellness can be achieved followed by disciplined lifestyle, food habit and essential workouts. Maintaining correct balance of enough wholesome foods, exercises and undergoing some special techniques like stress management, psychological practices like mediation are the key to achieve emotional stability and health.

As per the opinion of the famous cardiologist Dr. Lowell I Gerber hearth health has a great bonding with one’s mental health. Due to the socio-economical scenario, today’s generation need to face competition in their workplace, educational areas and everywhere. Mental stress is the evil that causes complications like hypertension which leads to high blood pressure, increased blood sugar level and also a great cause of gaining weight. Apart from unhealthy food habit, damaging lifestyle, mental stress and sleep disorder are some good causes that make both men and women obese. And eventually, this affects their cardiovascular function and heart health.

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BIOINDIVIDUAL Health Strategies LLC, Freeport Maine, is a great contribution of Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD which is focused on custom made healthcare and management processes. In 2009, he introduced his pioneering healthcare facility Freeport Lifestyle & Age Management Medicine, LLC and this is the parent company of BIOINDIVIDUAL health Strategies LLC and Younger Lerner ME. Both are located in Freeport, Maine. Freeport Lifestyle is a dedicated medical facility that offers specialized services on Lifestyle Medicine, Preventive Aging, Medically Supervised and Research based Weight Management. The other division Younger Lerner ME, introduced in 2009 focuses on rehabilitation of autism, obesity and all chronic diseases.

After serving people so many years as a dedicated cardiologist, Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD understands that management of cardiovascular diseases and relating complications like High blood pressure, hypertension or overweight like issues cannot be administered just based on medications or standard therapies. This made him inspired to explore the world of alternative medicine ways, holistic idea based health management and individualized care services.

Dr. Lowell strongly believes that by correct diagnose, proper guidance and management process, victims with these complications can attain higher and long terms results in their lives. And, this is why; at Bio-individual Health Strategies, practitioners address the whole body issues of a patient rather than specific disease. For example, whereas hereditary factors make a great impact and bring in health hazards, only by research based rehab process the intense of the disease can be reduced.

With this, in different cases he has helped numerous patients in managing their problems without medication. Just by changing their diets and suggesting them workouts like brisk work, meditation of deep breathing they are effectively administered. Freeport Lifestyle and Age Management Medicine, LLC is also another set up where you can meet the healthcare professionals and get guidance of Dr. Lowell I Gerber. They will analyze your DNA history, nutritional habits, and way of life and based on all these inputs, the treatment plan will be decided. Dr Lowell will prescribe you necessary medication and suggest you the type of diets or cardiovascular exercises, or general workouts, yoga and so on to help you attain optimal health.

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