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The Czech Republic: Europe’s Leading Dental Tourism Destination


Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the west and in large part this is due to the increasing popularity of dental tourism. Moreover, the Czech Republic in Central Europe is fast becoming one of Europe (and the world’s) leading dental tourism destinations. Why? Well, that’s simple. Private dental clinics in the Czech Republic are able to provide high-quality dental services at remarkably affordable prices.

However, affordable prices are only part of the story. Rather, as an added bonus, some leading Czech dentists are now also able to provide high-quality, one day dental restorations.

Czech Dental Tourism & One Day Tooth Restoration

Does one day tooth restoration of not just a single tooth, but perhaps twenty seem to good to be true? Well, it’s not. With medical travel and dental tourism to the Czech republic having become increasingly popular in recent years, investments have been made in new kinds of technology designed to put the Czech Republic on the map as the place in Europe for high-quality and yet ultimately affordable dental services.

dental tourism

One product of that investment is the adoption by many leading Czech dentists of CEREC®, one day dental crown technology. This is a procedure which involves preparing a tooth for having a crown fitted before using a specialized CEREC® camera to scan a tooth surface and synthesize a perfectly suited crown ready for immediate placement onto a tooth surface.

The result? Dental patients can have not one, but several crowns fitted during the course of a single dentist appointment.

Dental Treatment Abroad & You

Are you considering traveling overseas in order to have your teeth restored? The leading benefit of dental tourism in the Czech Republic lies with the fact that unlike in places like Turkey, the dental industry is just as well regulated as it is at home. Even better, when medical travel is undertaken with the help of medical tourism providers like Salutara, (who work directly with leading clinics in the Czech Republic) you can be assured of receiving the highest possible standard of overall dental care.

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