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The Dangers of Routine Marijuana Use Among Arlington Heights Youth


Marijuana Use and Abuse Among Adolescents On the Rise All Across the Nation

For some time now, marijuana has been growing more and more in popularity in all sectors of the nation.  The Chicago drug rehabilitation centers have been noticing a particular increase in the use of marijuana and this is not a good thing. Particularly, it has been getting a lot more popular amongst the youth of the nation and to a large degree this is quite concerning as it is the youth that stands to lose the most as a result of substance abuse of one kind or another.  The youth need to stop abusing drugs because this seriously damages their brain and their potential growth; they are still young and therefore can treat their addiction early by referring themselves to a drug rehab Arlington Heights service where they will be able to treat the youth. True enough, the more youths, who abuse drugs and alcohol, the more the future of the nation is doomed to fail.  For example:

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  • Marijuana use has increased since the year of 1992.  This is particularly concerning as marijuana use and abuse often precludes the use and abuse of other types and styles of drug and alcohol substances too.  In 2014 for example, the overall past month use and abuse of other types of drugs have dramatically increased among teenagers of all ages that often came about as a result of previous marijuana abuse:
  • High school seniors: from 12% in 1992 to 21.2%
  • 10th graders: from 8% in 1992 to 16.6%
  • 8th graders: from 4% in 1992 to 6.5%
  • More than eighty percent of high school seniors say Marijuana is easy to get.  Fifty percent say hard drugs and street drugs are easy to come by.  Indeed, almost half (45.7%) of high school seniors report that they have used marijuana at some point during their teenage years and many of them admitted that they did this simply because it was so easy for them to get their hands on the drug.  Seventy percent say prescription drugs are easy to get.  Something needs to be done to stop making it so easy for teens to get their hands on drugs.  The simple fact of the matter is that if drugs aren’t as easy to get, many teens simply won’t abuse them.
  • One-in-five 12th-graders report using marijuana in the last 30 days.  This means that twenty percent of American high school seniors are marijuana abusers, and since marijuana abuse often precedes other types of drug abuse, the issue only gets worse from here on out.  If one out of every five high school seniors is abusing marijuana that means that, within the next five years, roughly a third of those high school seniors will have gone on to abuse other types of drug substances.
  • Behind marijuana, Vicodin, amphetamines, cough medicine, Adderall and tranquilizers are the most likely drugs to be abused as a result of these transitions.

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Arlington Heights and Marijuana Use and Abuse: A Cruel and Intertwined Factor

The biggest concern when it comes to marijuana use and abuse in Arlington Heights is the simple factor that marijuana is actually the number one gateway drug in the entire nation.  This is a drug that inspires the use and abuse of other drugs on a level that was to this point essentially undiscovered.  Now, the issue there in Arlington Heights is completely out of hand and out of control.

Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse of any kind is not in any way good or beneficial.  In fact, it is sincerely and very detrimental.  In Arlington Heights, the problem is on the very of not being able to get any worse.  So many young adults smoke marijuana there that it is feared that an imposing percentage of the youth population of the city will end up addicted to hard street drugs before too long.  It is time for those addicted here to put their feet down, stand up, and make a change in their lives for the better once and for all by referring themselves to a drug rehab Arlington Heights.

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