The dental treatments to be chosen with care

On your visit to the dentists, you may be suggested to go through a few procedures based on his examination. Although, it is a doctor’s advice, it is always suggestible that you know what these procedures are and whether they are necessary or not? Ask questions and know more about the procedure and the treatments. If not satisfied, make sure that you take a second opinion to be convinced.

If your dentist advises cleaning, scaling, or oral prophylaxisand you think that your teeth looks clean, ask your dentist to locate the places where there are tartar deposits and sub-gingival calculus. If you are maintaining a good oral hygiene, you may not require going through these procedures often. Yet it will be good if you could have the cleaning done at least once in a year.

Thecavitiesbetween two teeth and those that affect the roots can only be detected through X-rays. They also help to determine the extent of cavity and also help find out the buildup of abscesses in the gums. X-rays are supposed to be used only when necessary, so it must be decided upon after a thorough clinical examination by the dentists. The dental radiography uses low dose x-rays so there is no threat of radiation exposure. But there is a fair chance of risk in cases where there is collective radiation dose that has been collected over some time.  So when you change your dentist, do not let the new dentist take a fresh x-ray if the last one is precise and fresh.


When treating children dentists may use anesthesia to make the child comfortable and carry out the procedures with ease. A local anesthesia is safe but still it is important to know that the anesthesia will be required for the procedures like require enamel drilling would not require numbing. Yet if itsimportant to have the kid anaesthetized, you can go ahead as the sedation risks remain minimal if monitored well and necessary precautions are taken.

General anesthesia (GA) should be used only as a last resort by your dentist. If there is need for extensive dental procedures that lengthy GA can be given. Know that GA is very risky in adverse cases. The patient’s examination and history is very important to be ascertained before deciding upon the type of anesthesia and its dose. There have been cases of severe fall in blood pressure due to wrong administration of anesthesia.

Have you been advised root canal treatment and you are still puzzled? If there is a dead pulp tissue, it can always create infection and pain in the affected tooth. Root canal treatment aims at removing the pulp and fills the canal to seal and prevent further infection.

So you have been given the options and you can look for some good dental clinics Dubai for an opinion from the experts.

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