acne scar

Tips For Acne Scar Skin Care

Believe it or not, just a few numbers of people have been fortunate enough to must have gone through life without acne. For the rest of us, this has turned out to be problematic at one time or another. While some are left with acne scar, a few fortunate people have gone without scars. Due to the advancement in technology, there are different types of acne scar skin care available on the market today. These acne skin care products are proven and tested to help cover up the scars

acne scar

It is however worth of note to say that most acne scar skin car remedies and techniques are costly, and requires consistent use for it to be highly effective.  Acne skin care works in a variety of ways but before first we need to what acne entails and it cause

Acne Vulgaris

Acne Vulgaris is a skin related disease caused by the accumulation of dirt, debris or dried skin cells on the skin pores. This clogging of the skin pore results into pimples on the face, creating the popular cystic acne that is more evident in those with hormonal imbalances. The major cause of acne vulgaris is still not know, but some researchers suggest that hormonal balance contributes to acne, while others believe that acne vulgaris is genetic in nature and is hereditary. Regardless of what might be the root cause of acne, it is advisable not to touch your face with your unhygienic hands or removing the pimples yourself. The reason for this is because any non medically approved remedy can cause acne scars to develop.

Types of acne scars

There are just two types of acne scars namely the pitted scars and the pigmented scars. Pigmented scars can be seen once the pimple is no longer evident on the face and can be either reddish or brownish in color. They can disappear without medication, but for the most effective result it is recommended to opt for acne skin care products. Pitted scars, also known as pockmarks, occur once the skin tissue beneath the acne is damaged.

The best treatment method

 One of the most effective treatment method used to combat acne scar is laser therapy. Ablative laser treatment help removed the scar tissues from the skin surface, thus making the underlying skin to tighten. However, if not done by a professional, laser treatment exposes the skin to various infections. Anyone undergoing ablative laser treatment should likewise be protected from skin infections. Non-ablative, on the other hand, can make changes in the underlying skin tissue without causing any harm on the sin surface. This kind of laser therapy is faster and prevents acne from forming. In order to make scarring less visible, laser treatment tightens the underlying skin.

Asides the laser therapy, other treatment methods include fat transplant which involves injecting the skin with filler substances such as bovine collagen. This is usually done by an experience dermatologist. If you have acne scar, consult with a dermatologist for effective solutions.

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