Tips To Consider When Guest Posting On Health Blogs

Often people wonder whether guest blogging holds an impact on the SEO in the present time or not. However, the reality is that the practice enhances SEO. It is because of the simple reason that it helps in enhancing the overall long traffic. No matter what is the content of your guest post, it only makes an impact, if the right blog has been placed on the right site. While guest blogging still possesses the skill to enhance the ranking of your website, you certainly need to pay attention that if you are the owner of a health blog, you can only post content related to health and go health guest posting only.


Make sure that you post related blogs

Google off lately rolled out rules to punish the sites which had linked irrelevant blogs! For instance, for those who have a health blog, they will be punished if their link is seen on a commerce blog.  In order to secure your blog from being charged, you should assure to post relevant blogs. It simply means that if you have a health blog, you should only post health related content only and invite guest posts for similar content

To brand yourself and attract targeted audience to your site, you shouldn’t just post on related blogs, but also assure to post on bigger blogs. It is because posting on bigger blogs drafts more exposure than posting on small blogs.

Keep away from hefty anchor text

While guest posting, you should not make use of rich anchor keywords. It means that you should not opt for using target keywords as anchor text. If you make use of rich anchor text, it will lead to penalization of the site. Thus, one should make use of naked links rather than opting for anchor text.

Construct your author ranking

Due to the enhance usage of Google +, it has now been quite easy for Google to evaluate how good of a content writer anyone is. In order to get recognized a top notch health blog writer, you should make sure that you only write high quality content. If you aren’t a good writer then consider hiring hq guest posting on health blogs for your site.

Share the benefits

While choosing the site to guest post on health blogs, you shouldn’t just concentrate on the benefits that you can derive from it. You should also keep the benefits of readers into consideration. The best way to understand your readers benefit is to guest post in a site which is read by a large number of people. It will not only help you enhance your SEO but also render benefits to your audience.


Though guest posting helps in enhancing SEO, experts state hiring professional guest posting services renders more benefits than DIY opportunities. Visit site that are related to health and focus on health related content to divert targeted audience to your site. Make use of natural links and back links and generate more traffic for your blog.

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