Troubles With The ADHD And The Best Natural Food and Vitamins For Its Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – as the name suggests, is a significant mental disorder that leads to trouble in concentration, low attention in the work, decreased focus and memory, excessive talking, fidgeting, forgetfulness etc.

Studies have revealed that almost 9% of the teenagers in the age group of 13 to 18 years are seriously affected with ADHD. The rising figures in diagnosis of ADHD, that is 22%, indicate the growing concern and awareness of the disease.

Though there are various drugs and medications available and working over the decades, the doctors and parents are seeking alternate methods to treat ADHD that is viable, safe and do not cause extensive side effects.

In the recent times, nootropic supplements indulging into extensive dietary regime and supplements that comprises of vitamins, amino acids and herbs is seen as the most viable option. It has low price tag and more importantly it is not addictive.

Let us peek into the troubles of the ADHD and the possible solutions via natural sources.

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Troubles with ADHD:

Initially, it was anticipated that the lack of control of neurotransmitter dopamine was the main cause of having ADHD. Deficiency of dopamine results in displeasure, lack of motivation, ambition and mental focus. In order to maintain the levels of dopamine, various drugs and medication are prescribed and used from past few years. But these drugs come with potential addiction and withdrawals.

The new studies have revealed that dopamine is not only the culprit for causing ADHD, but there are other issues like improper functioning of neural tissue structures and communication between the synapses and neurons. Thus, to provide overall health of the brain, new sources such as nootropic supplements and vitamins are gaining popularity as they provide the same enhancement eliminating / minimizing the risk of side effects.

Natural Foods:

The natural foods such as egg, turkey, shrimp, chicken etc. contains good amount of choline. Choline is a critical neurotransmitter responsible for cognitive functions such as memory recall, mental focus etc. It is a pre-cursor to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps in development of synapses and neuron and overall communication and thereby, giving you more clarity in your thoughts and vision.


Vitamin B-Complex found in multi-vitamin tablets is consumed to reduce stress and acts as anti-depressant. Intake of vitamins for ADHD in children is gaining popularity as it has excellent nootropic effects, if taken in right proportion. Vitamins like B6 Pyrodoxine, 5-HTP, Pyritinol are few important supplements for addressing ADHD.

Thus, the clarity is required in order to treat the ADHD, and once this is achieved, you can intake the suitable medications. Each medication, whether it is natural way or through supplements, provides support to each other and the best way is to get right combination that works out.

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