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By Kelly Huibregse, M.D.

TrueCare24 offers telemedicine for all California residents and house calls to those in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re returning medicine to what it used to be – personalized, affordable and convenient. We come to you and spare you the hassle of crowded waiting rooms, travel time and long waits to get an appointment. Our goal is to have a healthcare provider right to your door within 60 minutes.

One of the things that is emphasized in medical school is the idea of ‘upstream’ healthcare. This involves catching medical conditions early, or even preventing them, to improve future health outcomes and also save money.

This is especially difficult in underinsured patients, many of whom are facing daily struggles to make ends meet, and even working multiple jobs to provide for their families. Health can fall by the wayside until conditions are so severe they can’t be ignored.

I’ve seen these patients in the emergency department again and again. What started out as high blood sugar is now complicated by kidney disease, or even wounds so bad they require limb amputation.All of this could easily have been prevented with early intervention and lifestyle changes. It’s heart wrenching to see.

There are over 5,000,000 people in California who rely on Medicare for coverage. I’m so excited that we can now offer them a more convenient and accessible option to stay healthy. Individuals can simply provide their Medicare card information and house calls are 100% covered. NO out-of-pocket costs.

By sending a healthcare provider right to someone’s home, TrueCare24 helps with healthcare problems before they become extreme. In addition, we can also provide checkups for healthy people, providing screening. You don’t have to be sick to use our service!

With this exciting new announcement that we accept Medicare health insurance, we’re revolutionizing access to healthcare for these patients and their families. Our goal is to not just treat sick patients, but to help people stay healthier – all in the comfort of their own homes. Unlike other services that cater to demographics with disposable income, it’s our vision to provide this high level of care to everyone.

Kelly Huibregtse is a pediatrician in San Francisco and medical advisor to TrueCare24.

The TrueCare24 app is available in the Apple App Store

Services are also available online at

About TrueCare24, Inc.

TrueCare24 connects you to a team of Urgent Care clinicians who are available for immediate consultation or can arrive at

your home or workplace in under 60 minutes on average arrive. Users can get same day examinations, treatment, and common lab tests without leaving their home for a flat rate of $99 per visit with a small monthly subscription fee. House calls are currently available in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley from 8 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. TrueCare24 will be available in major California cities by the end of 2016.

Contact Information:

TrueCare24, Inc.

934 Ohlone Ave. Suite 967

Albany, CA

(510) 417-5142

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